Let’s talk for a moment about the differences between animals and humans. As the study suggests that humans have evolved from monkeys and we are the rightful descendants of the homo sapiens. But that isn’t the concern here, lets see what are the basic differences that make us different from animals.

Humans are omnivores (plant-eaters, and meat-eaters), while animals are either carnivores (meat-eaters) or herbivores (plant eaters). Some exceptions exist making bears omnivores.

Also, we have the special feature to be able to reason that isn’t available for animals.

The purpose of discussing these factors is to know how we are better than animals in so many aspects. However, even if we are superior to them, we don’t act as responsibly as we should. With great power comes great responsibility, but humans have always misused their powers and dominated animals wherever possible.

Animals have been abused throughout history for human development, enjoyment, and moneymaking. Scientific testing is the most common means of using animals as objects.

The world’s largest cosmetic market, Europe, along with India and Israel has already banned animal testing for cosmetics and beauty products. The sale or import of newly animal-tested beauty products has been completely banned.

The Animal Welfare Act (AWA) supposedly works for the welfare and wellbeing of animals. But even the animals protected under the AWA can be abused and tortured. The fault is of the law as well which does not present the alternatives to be used even if they are available. The policies are not strictly protected and are just existed for formalities.

Today we will talk about WPC 2022 which is an online platform where animal abuse is seen as a means of enjoyment and making money. In this platform, competitions in which roosters are brought to fight against each other are hosted.

Let’s learn more about WPC 2022 Live and the procedure of login into this website.

More Information Regarding WPC 2022 Dashboard

wpc 2022 live

Source: Wpc2022.live

WPC 2022 was originated in the Philippines and is considered a popular sport there. WPC stands for World Pitmasters Cup in which contestants participate to compete against each other. Despite the unethicality of this tournament, it is legally played with certain guidelines and criteria set that need to be followed by the parties competing.

To learn how WPC 2022 works, it is important to carefully study its website and read all of its guidelines and policies regarding the event.

The basic rules set by the management include having registration on the website. Without registration, no one is allowed to take part in the tournament and the latter will not be entertained.

After you successfully provide all of the details required to log in on WPC 2022 you will be notified on a specific day. On that day a rooster fight will be scheduled and you will be invited to bet money or watch it.

Surprisingly, a large number of people take part in these competitions as viewers who just watch these tournaments for the sake of enjoyment and fun. A large crowd is assembled to witness the deadly fights between 2 roosters when one of the animals dies a painful death.

You can also witness the fight online through WPC 2022 Live feature if you cannot go to the place of the fight. Again, to watch the fight, you need to register on the website.

All possible steps are taken to make this tournament a great success. The Philippine government also takes great interest in these competitions and legally allows them without any restrictions.

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How To Register On WPC 2022? Step By Step Process

wpc 2022 live

Source: Wpc2022.live

There are a series of simple steps that need to be completed to successfully register on the website. Follow the below steps to register.

  1. Firstly, ensure that your device has a secure internet connection. Make use of a VPN to hide your identity against potential threats and data scams.
  2. Visit the official webpage of WPC 2022 by searching for it in any search engine (Google most preferably) or by directly entering the website name on the URL field in the web browser.
  3. A dialog box will show beside you that will ask for your login credentials.
  4. Enter the username and password that you set when creating the account.
  5. After providing the login credentials, click on the sign-in to your account button.

If you don’t have an account already, you are supposed to contact the official team of WPC 2022 who will guide you through the registration process.

To contact the official team, click on the contact us option available just below the sign-in to your account option. Furthermore, contact numbers of the official team are also provided on the homepage. They can be contacted on WhatsApp or Viber regarding registration.

Is WPC 2022 Legal And Safe To Use?

The website is completely safe to use if you make use of a VPN to hide your identity. However, when we discuss the morality of this platform, there are clear red flags.

We did our best to explain the procedure of the game above and how it is directly a cause of animal abuse and cruelty. The game works against the natural rights of animals and breaks regulations on countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia.

The problem is that the Philippines does not find any problem with these competitions and thus openly allows them to happen. The government needs to realize that such competitions are acts of cruelty and inflicting harm to innocent creatures for enjoyment and monetary benefits.

There are many other ways of getting enjoyment and safe betting. One of the safe alternatives is horse racing, where the horses are genuinely trained and raced against each other with no harm inflicted on them.


Inserior.com does not recommend its users to be a part of this platform. This article is written to spread awareness against such acts. Comment down your views regarding it.

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