There is nothing wrong with saying that childhood is a golden period for every individual. As an understanding parent, it is your responsibility to make your kid’s childhood the best and most memorable. For this purpose, you can add the time for anime to your kid’s schedule. If you do not have an idea about anime, it is not more than any Japanese character with big eyes. 

Additionally, you will also face problems choosing the right and best anime for the kids. Keep the one thing in your memory that watching anime is not only a leisure time activity but beneficial for kids. If you are confused about the plenty of anime options, you can select the best anime from the below-mentioned list. 

So, let’s focus on the best anime for kids: 

  1. Cardcaptor Sakura

It is a television series and movie ideal for children of age 8. The story of this anime revolves around the story of a schoolgirl who sets the free series of magical cards by mistake. After that, she discovers her magical powers. On the other hand, Sakura is an exemplary role model and works to get the cards back and seal them into the book. 

  1. Haikyu!!

If your child is more than ten years old, it is the best television series for your kid. The story began when Shoyo Hinata got the inspiration from the player to play volleyball. He enrolls in the volleyball club of his school to play the matches. 

As the series progresses, he meets the nemesis, and both of them practice a lot to reach their goals. If the kid is interested in sports, you should allow them to watch this anime. 

  1. DoraemonPokemon

Are you looking for a popular anime option? Then it would help if you considered Doraemon. Kids will surely understand the story of this anime. In this story, Nobita, a school-going boy, has some issues with his friends. In the 22nd century, Doraemon comes into his life. 

This robot helps Nobita to resolve his problems in a better way with the help of different gadgets. The gadgets of Doraemon enhance the interest and raise the audience’s curiosity. You and your kid will surely enjoy this series. Besides this, one can easily download this series from pirate bay mirror and enjoy it.

  1. Pokemon

It is a prominent Japanese family-friendly anime that your kid will surely enjoy. It gained the name because of its popular video games too. The most popular character in this series is Pikachu. Each symbol of this anime has a unique story that you will surely enjoy. It is a blend of actions, drama, and thrill. Pokemon has a huge fan following across the globe, including the adults. 

  1. Anapanman 

There is no child who does not hear the name of Anapanman in Japan. It is a complete package of fun and family anime. From 1979 to the present, it has been a popular anime among kids. The genre of anime is superheroes. You will be amazed to know that significant characters of this anime are made up of bread. They fight against their opposite character. 

  1. Sailor Moon 

If you have a girl child, you should allow them to watch this greatest anime. It was launched in 1992. You can watch the latest season of the sailor moon. It is a story of a school-going girl Usagi Tsukino who can convert into a sailor moon. This story is full of battles against the dangerous villains for the searching Legendary Silver Crystal. It is a live-action series that you must watch. 

  1. Pretty Cure 

It is one of the famous anime that is ideal for modern girls. The series of Pretty Cure has been launched in 2004. It is a perfect series for kids and adults too. Additionally, The Pretty Cure is a team of legendary magical girls who do battle against organizations for restoring world peace. So add this full of fun series to your wishlist. 

  1. Crayon Shin-chan 

Are you looking for a comedy anime? Giving the preference to Crayon Shin-chan is an ideal decision. It was aired on TV in 1992. The funniest thing about this anime is the notorious behavior of Shin-chan. Additionally, the funny wording of Shin-Chan enhances the interest of the audience.

  1. Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa

Another prominent sports anime series is based on Manga. Yoichi Takahashi. Whether you understand soccer or any other sports, you will enjoy this anime. Additionally, this anime inspires soccer players and those who want to become soccer players. So, do not forget to watch this anime with your kid when you get time. 

The Bottom Line

So, these are the famous anime that you must add to your wishlist. You will surely enjoy each anime and learn different lessons from it. You need to choose one and enjoy it in your spare time.

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