An Association training management platform refers to a usable, scalable, and flexible tool for managing training resources. The software is designed to be extremely user-friendly and offers a range of tools for instructors, managers, and coordinators to effectively plan, track and deliver courses. Harrington Group International has launched a training management tool and services division to assist small to medium-sized businesses to create, manage and track courses.

Benefits of Training Management Software

Provides effective management tools for instructors and managers

Training Management Software provides a method of managing courses efficiently as it is flexible enough to create and track courses quickly. All courses that are created will be linked in one central database, which permits easy access to all courses. It offers a simple way of managing the recruitment of participants, with all the relevant information being stored in one place.

Instructors can look at their current roster and select the course they will teach next. The training management tool provides an analysis report, which includes details of how instructors are performing and whether or not they are reaching their targets. In addition, it allows course coordinators to manage data related to participants through an easy-to-read dashboard.

Enables effective organization in a small to medium-sized business

As the name suggests, training management does not require a large staff of coordinators as trainers are required to run the courses. This allows for all managers to be trained on how to manage the company’s training and this, in turn, adds efficiency and reduces costs. It is often easier for a small or medium-sized business to adopt the software to better manage their existing team. Association training management platform will effectively manage a training business and it is one of the most effective tools for small and medium-sized training businesses.

Tracking and monitoring costs

With accurate cost estimations, there is no need for managers to waste money on courses. The tool allows instructors and coordinators to access all their attendance data in a chart-style report with current trend data on their cost per participant. In addition, promoters can view participant projections as well as the cost breakdown of courses based on their resources. Therefore, the training management software provides managers with a clear indication of how much money will be spent before the course has begun.

Easy booking system

The training management software also offers an easy booking system, where all a user needs to do is create a placeholder for each individual they need to contact and send them an email. This will relay the information on what they are required to do and at what cost. In addition, it allows an automated email to be sent out after this, which ensures that no participant is missed. Association training management platforms can include notes, certificates, and other necessary documents so there is no need to save everything in different places.

Easy assessment of results and cost analysis

What makes the training management software unique is that it allows for easy analysis of results through a report on cost, which includes projected participant costs as well as current trend data and total costs. Furthermore, it provides access to course data which gives instructors the ability to select courses for their use or to further their careers.

At HGI, we are proud to be associated with the Association for Training Management as well as the global industry-leading training industry. We are the leading training management software provider so if you are interested in how we can help your business, then please contact us today.

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