www.playfh.con Exotic quest is for those who have purchased the Shadowkeep expansion. Starting this intriguing quest works somewhat not the same as most missions, so you may require some tips of where to look. The Xenophage quest is a lot shorter, in contrast to other Exotic quests, and almost every one of the steps should be possible solo, until the step where you need to plunge into the Pit of Heresy prison. Instructions to Start the Quest…

Then, at that point you need to make a beeline for Sorrow’s Harbor and go to the upper piece of this space until you arrive at the gates of the keep (the grand appearance to the tower).

When you arrive at the platform confronting the pyramid, to start the quest you need to interface with the four statues, two on the right and two on the left side.

The goal is to illuminate the four statues.


To do as such, start to associate with the statues in a specific order:

Whenever you’ve entered the right code, another chest will show up, open the chest and you will get the real debrid com device quest, The Journey.


In the first step of the Xenophage quest, you need to go to the Anchor of Light. Starting there, you’ll need to find a sphere of light and use it to illuminate six secret lecterns around the zone. The first podium to enact is directly close to the sphere of light spawn, you need to get the circle and go to the platform with it. You should light the lecterns in a specific request, and once you light the first one, you will have 60 seconds to make it to the following platform.


The 60 seconds clock will reset each time you light another podium.

You can see the area of the sphere of light and the locations and in what request you need to illuminate the lecterns in the video underneath: After you light every one of the six lecterns, you’ll get a message that says “You are prepared to rise out of the dull”. When you see that message, you’ll get a target marker that leads you to the last area in this step. Deposit the circle of light in where the waypoint indicates you to, and afterward you will get to the following stage in the Xenophage quest.



In this step of the quest, you must gather fragments from each Lost Sectors on the moon. To get every one of the fragments you should finish the Lost sectors like you commonly would, yet once you arrive at the end you will discover a riddle in the divider close to the exit of each Lost Sector.

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The puzzles have a ton of symbols and you should shoot them until you make them all match to get the piece.

There are different solutions to the puzzles, yet these ones beneath referenced should work for you: At the point when you complete that and got every one of the fragments, you will then, at that point get the Descent quest, with the Path Uncovered step. inserior is one of the best websites for technologies related articles. We hope you will love this article also.


Descent “Way Uncovered”

For the accompanying piece of the quest, you’ll need to head into the Pit of Heresy prison. To gain admittance to the prison you need to converse with Eris and complete the questline for it. To finish this step you should track down a secret symbol in the prison. The entryway you need to go to is not the same as the others, and you will discover the symbol inside. You can see the video guide from Fuzzy Bearbarian beneath to see the area and how to get to the entryway:


Discovery “Way’s End”

Whenever you have finished the “Way Uncovered” step, proceed through the prison until you arrive at the second experience. At the point when you arrive at the second experience, go right to one side along the edge, drop down to the lower way, and discover a plate on the floor. Initiate that plate and it will uncover some platforms, in the last platform, it’s anything but a circle that you must get. You should take that circle to the extreme right hall, that has a divider with some doors, you will then, at that point need to put the sphere on the two sides of one of those doors. Whenever you have done that the secret room will open and inside will be the secret boss. You can see the video guide from WoW Quests beneath to see the area of the sphere and the secret room:


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