Kraft Boxes: Many marketplaces and platforms for sellers have allowed small-scale companies to sell their goods directly to customers.

While this is a positive factor for small businesses, the increase in online shopping may mean that more products are delivered. This can lead to more waste and a more significant impact on the environment.

Sustainable packaging and shipping can be a massive problem if you sell items online.

Like traditional brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce brands need to consider the packaging of their products. However, they also should ship their products directly to consumers. If you send your product to the consumer, you must use environmentally friendly packaging.


The packaging you use for your e-commerce store protects your product and helps you establish your brand identity. The packaging for your products and the packaging you use for shipping must be solid but light enough to reduce shipping costs. This can often mean using plastic packaging; however, even if the plastic is cheap, the price for the environment is significant.

We have all seen pictures of kraft boxes from online stores, and tiny products are packed in a massive box and unnecessarily wrapped in non-recyclable plastic wrap. Despite the offer to strengthen empty orders and insurance to improve things, this problem persists.

These are easy issues for e-commerce companies that are thought to solve. By making more sustainable choices in packaging and delivering your product, you can reduce your environmental impact while giving your customers an excellent unpacking experience.

Can e-commerce be green?

Here is the guide for eco-friendly packaging for your online business.

Promotional Packaging Inserts

Sustainable Product Packaging

Does the packaging of your product have to be there, or is it fantastic? Packaging is a significant part of household waste, and the most environmentally sustainable packaging option is to have no packaging in the first place!

Complete disposal of the packaging is not usually an option for companies that sell online. However, it is feasible to reduce the amount of packaging you use and choose durable materials to do the rest.

Flexible product packaging is an effective way to minimize waste on delivery to customers. Stand-up bags are lightweight and offer a better percentage of products in the package, which means less waste overall. Use compostable bags, and you will have a compact solution that will eliminate unnecessary waste.

Craft boxes

Order Delivery

Once you have packed the product, you will need to deliver it to the customer. The method you use to do this will depend on the packaging of the product you have chosen. Some items must be delivered in packaging boxes, while envelopes ship others.

Overweight packaging can significantly increase the cost of transport and fuel used to transport goods. Unusual or large packaging could cause the same thing.

Fragile items may need extra lining. Make sure you weigh the cost of an extra layer of the liner with the possibility of wasting returned damaged items. Use custom box divider inserts or lining made of corrugated materials whenever possible!

Where to Buy Sustainable Packaging

Many companies provide sustainable product packaging and mailer kraft boxes for your e-commerce business. One of them is Rush Custom Boxes; they use recyclable materials to produce custom shipping boxes!

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Mailer Boxes

A relatively new approach to online shopping – corrugated mailing kraft boxes are ideal for shipping fragile and non-fragile products.

Once customers have received their items, after receiving them, they can dispose of their mailer box in the compost bin, which will reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill.

Mailer boxes are solid and light; they are made to help reduce transportation costs and reduce damage and minimize environmental impact!

Please keep in mind that the shipping label you place on the box or in the mail is best to match the end date for the rest of the items. The recyclable shipping labels ensure that the entire shipping solution can be composted.


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