Embedding your Instagram feed to your WordPress means that people can easily interact with you on both platforms. This can coherently boost your brand awareness, sales, and conversions. 

In another view, this cross-promotional effort can improve your audience reach, engagement, and growth. Further, Instagram is an aesthetically pleasing platform that can alter how people perceive your brand while helping you make an impact that lasts in their minds.

And why limit your Instagram growth to just one place when you can actually do so much with it? To learn more about this strategy, read the blog. 

What Do You Understand By Embedding Instagram Feeds in WordPress?

Users create content on Instagram using multiple connection types like hashtags, mentions, tags, etc. By using social media aggregators, you can collect this content and present it in a unified feed, which can then be embedded on your website. 

This feed is updated in real-time, helping brands never miss out on valuable content created for their users. 

The feeds can also be customized easily to make them aligned to the brand’s aesthetics, which fetches further attention of the audience. 

How Can You Embed Instagram Feeds in WordPress?

You can easily embed Instagram feeds in WordPress by following these top and most effective ways.

1, Using Social Media Aggregators

Social media aggregators are tools that help you collect content from social media platforms. They are becoming increasingly popular among brands, and have become a must-have in their marketing mix. 

The process of aggregation is performed by approved software solutions that have direct integrations with the API of the chosen social media network. 

There are a couple of amazing options that you can choose from – Taggbox Widget, Tagembed, Smash balloon, etc. These platforms provide amazing options to aggregate, moderate, customize, publish and analyze content seamlessly. 

2.  Social Media Feed Plugin 

A social media feed can help in instilling social proof provided you include user-generated content. UGC on your social media feed can show website visitors the past experiences of users with your product. 

Using a social media feed plugin, you can easily add content from different social channels on your website. It helps in boosting engagement and inspiring the visitors to know more about your brand. 

You can simply install any plugin that supports the integration of Instagram content in the dashboard of your website. 

Some amazing plugins that can help you are – Taggbox Widget, Walls.io, Feed Them Social.

3. Instagram Self-embed 

Instagram offers an easy embed feature that allows you to integrate Instagram posts on WordPress. Here is how you can do it. 

  • Begin by opening the Instagram business app in the browser
  • Open the image you wish to embed and open the post settings
  • Choose the ‘Embed’ option and copy the code
  • Now, open your WordPress editor and go to the page where you want to integrate it
  • Select the area of the editor where you wish to add the code and click on the ‘+’ icon
  • Choose the ‘Embed’ block and paste the URL into the input field. 
  • Click ‘Preview’ to check the post before embedding it.

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Feeds in WordPress

Instagram is one of the important platforms for brands when it comes to leveraging social media feeds for their growth campaigns. The content is visually appealing, and when you embed a responsive feed, well-equipped with this content on your website, the benefits are astonishing. 

Here are to state some:

  1. Increase Instagram Followers

By integrating an Instagram feed on your website, you give your website visitors an insight into your presence on social media and successfully build awareness of your brand. 

Visitors can explore your content on Instagram and if they find it interesting, they will naturally follow you on Instagram.

  1. Build Brand Trust

UGC created on Instagram, is the perfect word-of-mouth marketing strategy. Featuring UGC on your website adds authenticity to your brand, which easily generates trust in the minds of your visitors. 

An Instagram feed that updates in real-time also encourages customers to create more content for you, which showcases you valuing your customers and for good, as this content is embedded on the website in real-time.

  1. Boosts The Dwell Time Of Your Website

Every marketer more often than not looks for opportunities to improve its website’s dwell time. The attention-grabbing and highly engaging Instagram feed can help you achieve it seamlessly.  

You can bring the visually appealing Instagram content to your website, let visitors engage with it, and get to know your brand better. It increases your website dwell time, and the live Instagram feed also encourages them to visit again to check if you have something new to offer.

Over To You

Instagram is the leading social media platform and gathers an unmatched amount of love from global audiences. 

By bringing content from the platform, you stand a chance to build audience engagement, trust, and conversions.


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