Ernest Khalimov is a name in the modeling industry that has gained popularity due to his extremely well-built physique and body. Ernest Khalimov, more famously known as Giga Chad, is a Russian professional model, bodybuilder and fitness instructor. Being a fitness model, he has modeled for many men’s wear brands and also individual shoots. 

Due to his nearly perfect body and persona, he has been rumored to be only a figment of Krista Sudmalis’ imagination, who is a famous photographer and digital creator.

Many photos of Giga Chad on the internet have included Krista Sudmalis also posing with him, which triggered the assumption over the internet that Giga Chad or Ernest Khalimov is not a real person and only a persona digitally created by Krista Sudmalis. 

If you also want to know the truth whether Ernest Khalimov is real or not, stay with us on this article where we will also discuss Ernest Khalimov’s height and Ernest Khalimov’s car accident. 

Who is Ernest Khalimov? 

ernest khalimov height


Ernest Khalimov is a Russian model, bodybuilder and fitness trainer, who rose to fame because of his nearly perfect looks and body physique. Looking at him many people first assumed that he is not a real person and just a digital creation of Krista Sudmalis, which later turned out to be a hoax. 

Ernest Khalimov or Giga Chad is most definitely a real person with an extraordinary physique and charm. When he started his career as a fitness model, he used his pseudonym, Giga Chad, instead of his real one. 

Ernest Khalimov’s exact date of birth is not shared with the fans and it is only suspected that he was born between 1991-1992, which makes him around 30-31 years old. He was born in Moscow, Russia and sports a huge body frame that stands out from the crowd. 

Ernest Khalimov Height, Bio, Body Measurements 

Real Name / Full Name  Ernest Khalimov 
Pseudonym   Giga Chad 
Date Of Birth  Not Confirmed 
Place Of Birth  Moscow, Russia 
Year Of Birth  1991-1992 
Zodiac Sign  Not Confirmed 
Nationality  Russian 
Religion  Christian 
Gender  Male 
Profession  Fitness Model, Trainer, Body Builder, Entrepreneur 
Relationship Status  In a Relationship 
Marital Status  Unmarried 
Girlfriend / Spouse  Krista Sudmalis 
Height  6 feet 11 inches 
Weight  98 kg 
Body Measurement  Not Available 
Hair Color  Dark Brown 
Eye Color  Dark Brown 
Ethnicity  Mixed 
Education  Graduation 
Family Information  Not Available 
Children  No 
Social Media Presence  Yes 

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Ernest Khalimov Height, Weight and Physique 

Ernest Khalimov has a huge body frame and a well-built physique. He is a body builder who not only works hard to keep his body in excellent shape, but also works as a fitness trainer. Ernest Khalimov’s height is 6 feet 11 inches and his body weight is 98 kg. 

Ernest Khalimov Girlfriend 

In many photos of Ernest Khalimov posted on the online platforms, it can be seen that he is accompanied by a woman named Krista Sudmalis. Though it is not confirmed that they are a couple, their numerous photos together indicate a probable relationship. 

Krista Sudmalis is a fashion photographer and a digital creator. Ernest Khalimov has also modeled for many shoots for Krista Sudmalis. Because of his many photos on the internet, Ernest Khalimov has also been a target of many meme makers and many of his photos are used as memes. 

Ernest Khalimov Car Accident 

In April last year (2021) a rumor surfaced that included the news of Ernest Khalimov’s car accident. The rumors about his car accident got so out of hand that many rumors also concluded that he had died as the result of the car impact. 

The fake news and rumor got to be handled by the body builder himself and he came to social media platforms and addressed his fans himself by confirming his safety and well-being. Thus, the rumors of his death by getting involved in a car accident was debunked. 

Ernest Khalimov Net Worth 

Ernest Khalimov is a body builder, fashion model and a fitness trainer. He has been very careful of his physique and body as it helps him earn. His main source of income comes from his modeling career and being a fitness trainer at the gym. 

The net worth of Ernest Khalimov is estimated at $1 million. He is currently focusing on his career as a model and most probably his wealth will increase in folds in the future. 


Ernest Khalimov is a body builder, fashion model and a fitness trainer who rose to fame because of his nearly perfect physique and huge body frame. He is very enthusiastic about promoting body fitness and works with other fitness enthusiasts to work towards the health and fitness of other people in general. 

He was involved in a rumor of a car accident which also stated that he had died as the result. The news was fake and debunked later. 

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