Brita water filter cartridges have long been in the business of providing access to clean drinking water. There’s no doubt that this brand’s service and product quality have touched many milestones in the previous years. However, whenever we’re purchasing a filter, there’s a bulk of questions about buying, cleaning filters, when to replace them, etc. In most cases, you can’t even find the answers, and therefore, you solely depend upon customer reviews. Hence, we will answer all types of general FAQs regarding Brita water filters and dispensers and try to provide you with potential answers that clear away any misconceptions and queries. 


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FAQs About Brita Water filters 


Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding filters and cartridges. Some of these include asking how to clean, replace and install filters or jugs. 


How Often Should I Change My Filter 


For optimal performance, it’s vital to change your filters regularly. For instance, if you get hard water, you may need to check your filter regularly. When installing a new filter, you can activate your electronic filter change indicator to remind yourself of keeping track. Filter replacement depends upon product and filter quality. 


Pitchers & Dispenser 


  • Brita Standard (White) Filter: Every 40 gallons (about 2 months)
  • Stream (Gray) Filter: Every 40 gallons (about 2 months)
  • Brita Longlast + (Blue) Filter: Every 120 gallons (about 6 months) 

Bottle Filters and Water Faucet Filters

  • Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottles: Every 40 gallons (about two months)†
  • Water Filter Faucet System (Model OPFF-100) Ever 94 gallons (about four months)
  • Brita Water Filter Faucet System (Model SAFF-100) Every 100 gallons (about four months)
  • Water Filter Faucet System (Model FF-100 ) Every 100 gallons (about four months)

On average, the time estimate for Brita dispensers, filters, and water filter faucet systems have a base of 11 glasses per day according to standard household drinking behavior. 

What substance does Brita remove from Tap Water? 

Every Brita filter reduces and prevents substances from tap water. These can include chlorine taste and foul odor. Some filters also minimize health contaminants such as copper, cadmium, mercury, and lead. Also, not every substance Brita removes from tap water is present in everyone’s drink. Furthermore, it’s also important to note that Brita keeps a healthy amount of fluoride (a water additive) to promote healthy teeth. 


Do Unused Filters Expire? 


The estimated life of a new filter is indefinite as long as the seal is intact. However, it’s better to pre-soak old filters 15 minutes before using them for better performance. 


How do I prepare My Brita Water Filter for use? 


The design for Brita Maxtra + is for easy installation. Fill a jug or bowl with water, immerse the Brita Maxtra + in cold water, and give a little shake to remove bubbles. Afterward, insert the water filter into the jug’s funnel and run the water down twice through the filter. After extracting water two times, your Brita Maxtra + water filter is ready for use. 


What is the advantage of Brita Water filters?


All Brita Filters provide a high quality of service regarding filtration performance. It effectively reduces the substance prominent in the water that negatively affects the odor and taste of water. In addition to this, Brita water filters are easy to use, install, and store in homes, offices, and public areas. These come in various shapes and sizes. 


On average, Brita Maxtra + provides up to four weeks and 100 liters of fresh, pure, and clean filtered water. 


Where can I find Replacement parts For Brita? 


Brita offers a vast parts replacement program for all Brita registered products. 


How do I clean my Brita Water Filter Carafe? 


 Regularly clean your filters, carafe, and bottles by hand with detergent or dishwasher. Ensure to disassemble the parts when using dishwater at a maximum of 50°C. Also, the Brita Water filter Carafe lid needs cleaning by hands carefully without using any harsh sponges. 


Well, folks, that’s all we could gather for general Brita water filter cartridges FAQs; if you look for more answers, head over to Brita’s website and check out their support page for more information and clarity. You can also check the best wholesalers UK stores for more information and reviews. 



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