Having a pet dog means that you are responsible for them. There are a lot of thighs that are under your care, and one of those is your dog’s health. There are a lot of possible threats your dog faces every day, so it is important to ensure that the places you go to with your dog are pet friendly. But no matter how meticulous you are outside, your dog may still have health problems because of your house. There are a lot of possible hazards in your house, one of which is fleas.

What are dog fleas?

Fleas are Arthropodas that infest dogs and feed on their blood. They live in tall grasses, especially moist ones, sheds, and sand. They live in places where it is shady and humid. Places like these allow them to lay eggs and grow there. They may carry diseases like anemia, bartonellosis, and tapeworm larvae. 

A flea bite will cause discomfort, itching, and even Flea allergy dermatitis. The severity of the case depends on your dog’s environment, kind of dog flea, breed, and immune system. The weaker their immune system is, the more vulnerable they are to fleas.

What are the kinds of fleas your dog can catch?

You may think that dogs can only get dog fleas. That makes sense considering its name, but that’s not always the case. Dogs can even catch cat fleas. It may sound weird, but that is possible; here is a list of species of fleas that may infest your dog.

Dog Fleas

With the scientific name Ctenocephalides canis, this species is commonly found in livestock and wild animals like raccoons. Like what was mentioned earlier, they carry tapeworm larvae. This specie can have dogs, cats, and humans as hosts.

Cat Fleas

Ctenocephalides felis have a lot of similarities with dog fleas. Their hosts are not limited to their names. The two can also live on different animals, but cat fleas have more hosts. Cat fleas can also carry tapeworms and murine typhus. Ctenocephalides felis species have evolved to infect more animals, while dog fleas have specific breeds as targets. That is why it is more common that the flea that your dog has aris the cat flea.

Tropical Hen Flea

Echidnophaga gallinaceas, also known as the “sticktight flea” and “chicken flea,” is a specie of fleas with various hosts. They can infest dogs, cats, and rabbits, but most hosts are poultry and native birds. 

How to keep fleas away from your home?

Check your yard. and garden

Your yard and garden are the perfect places for fleas to live in. They have moist grass and shade. Cut the grass on your lawn and trim the shrubs. Do this regularly to keep them short, preventing fleas from living in them. Wild animals like raccoons may stay in your yard or garden. Regularly check those places because other wild animals, especially raccoons, are also hosts of fleas.

Prevent infestations

Before taking your dog for a walk or going outside, use flea control products or spray your dog’s fur with citrus. Doing this will prevent fleas from staying if ever they attach themselves. After going outside, comb your dog and check them for any fleas. 

Keep your house clean.

A clean house will not attract fleas. Regularly clean your house because even if there are no fleas, larvae, puppies, and eggs may be present. Cleaning your house will help you spot them and prevent them from growing into a flea. When cleaning, be thorough in narrow and hidden places like under the carpet, around cabinets, and under the couch. 

As a fur parent, you should know how to deal with fleas. As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” Knowing how to prevent fleas from infesting your place and your dog will keep them safer.

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