If you are looking to establish your own business, then one of the most important things that you can do that will help you find success right out of the gate is to create an innovative and interesting product. 

The majority of people make snap judgments on everything they see in life, which means you need your business to make a splash right away. Innovation is the key to grabbing the attention of potential customers and helping to ensure that their snap judgment is a positive one. With that being said, this article aims to outline a handful of interesting ideas that you could use for your sole trader business.

Music Production for Hire

Music is one of the most universally popular elements of modern society, which is why it is such a potentially lucrative industry. However, music as an industry is already incredibly saturated and engaged with at a high rate. So, if you’re going to try to engage with music production yourself, you are going to need an edge.

Fortunately for you, as a sole trader, you do not need to bring in nearly as much revenue as a larger business, which is where your opportunity comes into play. With a good enough setup, for example, a Lenovo PC and Blue Yeti microphone, you can produce high-quality music at a low price, meaning you can offer your services to individuals rather than on a huge scale.

So why don’t you try and become a music production professional for hire? Creating songs for individuals rather than businesses could be the USP that you need to thrive.

Commissioned Art

The cool of creating an effective sole trader business comes from offering a service that maximizes on the skills you have that few other people have. What’s more, you need to make sure that you are offering a service that there is plenty of demand for so that you can easily pull in enough customers to keep yourself afloat. Bringing these two together, you can understand why so many artists decide to become sole traders.

High-quality art is one of those things that so many people want to be able to produce, but very few are actually able to. This means that there are plenty of people willing to pay for art, creating a fantastic opportunity for those willing to produce it on a commission basis.

Marketing for a Fee

Speaking of capitalizing on particular skills, you might want to consider the possibility of utilizing your own marketing skills as a sole trader. After all, any freelance professional is going to have to understand the basics of marketing in order to have any chance of building an effective business. 

So why don’t you combine the two and market your own marketing skills as a product sold by your business? That way, you can draw in customers and demonstrate your abilities all at the same time. In fact, you could even offer marketing campaigns as products from your sole trader business, meaning that you would be able to sell a definitive product rather than simply offering your services.

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