Digital marketing , Search Engine Marketing , SEO Digital PR , Link Building Link Building and Digital PR are two concepts that are often overlapped, without really understanding their actual boundaries or areas of relevance. Before going on to examine what they are,

it should be clarified that both are two tools of which the SEO consultant can be used in the implementation of aninbound marketing strategy , the purpose of which is to attract customers interested in a particular product and accompany them until conversion (or purchase). For this reason, it is necessary to clarify immediately that link building and digital pr are not two activities in which the use of one excludes the other, but – on the contrary – it is desirable that both are managed in harmony with each other and as the result of a design. broader business.

What is Link Building

Link building is a discipline that deals with creating a network of links inside or outside the site itself. It is therefore appropriate to emphasize the importance of the construction of references between the individual pages of a site that constitute a path for the user, favoring the user experience (link to the content on the user experience).

In this case, as in that of external links, it is essential that the SEO consultant identifies the appropriate anchor text so that the link is natural and not forced in the eyes of the user. After all, the purpose for which internal links are insert is to direct the user to the conversion page, decreasing the bounce rate.

On the contrary, the purpose of inserting external links is to increase the authority of your website not only in the eyes of users but also of the search engine . Furthermore, unlike what happens for internal links (which are references within the pages of the same site), the external ones are found within an article publish on a third-party site. It is a textual content – with a marketing and branding component more or less marked according to the sector – which aims to act as a contour to the link.  And on the other hand to attract the user’s attention to a specific topic.

Furthermore, it should be emphasize that when it comes to external links. The panorama becomes more complex, as certain elements come into play such as the authority of the site that “sends” the link, the anchor text itself and other technical aspects, such as dofollow and / or nofollow, which require the intervention of a highly qualifie person , the risk is that of penalties with the consequent loss of many positions in the SERP (results page).

Digital PR

Digital PR is consider, as the name suggests, the digital heir of the press office, underestimating the technical component that is relevant in this activity.

In fact, Digital PR is more properly the set of all those activities that lead to the publication of content on a third party site. A series of transversal skills are therefore require, including:

Network : those who deal with Digital PR must have a network of knowledge that allows them to choose the most appropriate site based on the target audience. And the budget that the customer has available. A limited network, especially in this area, equates to a small group of possibilities.

Technical knowledge : in order to choose the website on which to place the link. It is essential not only to evaluate the level of authority, as well as the ranking. In fact, for the Digital PR operation to be successful it is essential that the website from which the link starts is consider reliable in the eyes of the search engine.

Furthermore, the digital consultant must carefully evaluate the anchor text. (Advance digital marketing glossary article link ) to be use to create a backlink profile appropriate to the online business objectives.

Vision of the game : in order for digital PR to achieve the desire results.  It must be include within a digital marketing strategy, such as to enhance and optimize the investments made. For this reason it is essential that the SEO consultant has a good vision of the game. Always having clear what are the objectives to be achieve. And the time available to do so.

In conclusion, it can be said that Link Building. And Digital PR, in addition to being tools of the inbound marketing strategy.  Are also two fundamental aspects of online positioning . In light of the foregoing, it is important for companies that decide they want to implement their online visibility as well as Brand Awareness to turn to a professional who can not only indicate the most appropriate strategy, but also execute it.

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