No matter which type of school you go to, or what level of student you are, it is of no doubt how schools teach us important, and life-long lessons. But, often students; due to lack of guidance and what all to expect, and learn from secondary schools, tend to lag when it comes to harboring an important skill set. But, no more!

What students should learn from primary school as well as secondary schools.

Time Management

We all have got 24 hours a day, and managing and utilizing that time is the most important thing. If calculated, the average time a secondary school student spends at school in a week is 35 hours. What you do with your remaining time every day is important, as well as critical.

So to keep a check on this, start making a schedule or maintaining a daily planner. This will help you manage your time and organize your tasks for the day. Even schools also organize activities and tasks for students which imbibes them to push their time management skills to extra heights.

Regular Study habits

As a student, if you have good and regular study habits, it’s great. But if you don’t, then it’s time to cultivate these habits.

To include good study habits in your routine you should put a section for study in your day planner with fixed hours every day. Studying every day does not include only homework and preparing for tests, but it should include revising thoroughly what has been taught in the class. So, do not miss the classes and complete your assignments in time. This would help you excel at your primary school with ease.

Set Attainable goals

Sometimes, just because a student does not know how to set realistic goals, they feel misled and lost in their career. That’s where understanding is needed.

Setting attainable goals is a good skill to acquire, but setting unreasonably high goals will lead you to disappointment and frustration. Because such goals are impossible to attain all at once, setting small achievable goals will boost your self-confidence and morale. But it is easier said than done!

Therefore, in your secondary school, leverage the faculty’s guidance, and expertise to measure the situations realistically, and set attainable goals.


Being only physically present in the class is not enough, mental presence in the class is also important. Stay focussed in the class and listen to your teacher carefully. Make sure to understand everything in the class. If you don’t understand anything, ask questions.

Leverage the secondary school’s engaging environment to exercise your mind to be active, and productive.

Organization Skills

If you want to save your valuable time and make the best use of your time, keep yourself organized. If you are organized, you can do anything you need to do. Keep your study table organized and clean. A messy study table will mess up your mind too! Arrange all the stuff like books, pens, and calculators properly and keep them in one convenient location.

The Bottomline

As a student, you get immense opportunities to learn and grow in your secondary school. While the above-mentioned ones were just a handful, there is a pool for skills to learn.

Be it oratory skills, discipline, and determination, secondary schools are one of the best times to learn, and imbibe new life skills. One such school that delivers education with a holistic development approach, is GIIS or Global Indian international school. Visit its official page now!

Being organized is a skill that will help you feel more calm and in control, stay focused on your goals, and improve your productivity. This 8-week course provides you with practical tools that you can apply right away to create an organized foundation for your life. You will quickly see improvements in the way you spend your time, manage your energy, and find clarity as to what needs to be done next.


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