Are you looking for a .PK domain name for your business?

To sum it up!

Domain names ending in .PK reflects Pakistan in the Internet’s domain name system. The Pakistani government has approved PKNIC as a business. PKNIC looks to be Pakistan’s domain name registrar for the .PK suffix. It is possible for anyone, even locals and expatriates, to register their name in the .PK domain. Customers can be given information that is tailored to their location and needs in this way. As a result, your website’s Local SEO rankings can improve, consumer trust can be built, and revenue can be increased for your business.

Domain name with the .PK at the een

For example, and are two other TLDs with a suffix of pk that aren’t restricted to domain name., for example, has a worldwide reputation. Purchasing a domain ending gives both national and international organizations the chance to promote their products and services in Pakistan.

For my Business, How do I Obtain a .PK Domain Name?

Check for Availability:

You must first check the domain’s availability before purchasing any domain. Why? Your preferred domain name may already be reserved by another business. Furthermore, the use of the same domain name by more than one website or online business is prohibited. Like a company name, your domain name functions as a trademark for your website/e-store. As a result, having a distinct identity for your business or website is critical. You will not be able to purchase the domain because it has already been taken. So, Always think before choosing the business name or it will cause issue.

It is possible for two websites to have the same domain name if the extensions are different. Separate domains exist for,,, and Because they need to be registered. As you are looking domain for the website check out the website development services to learn about website building.



A domain name that has already been registered or is no longer available is the best time to get it registered. The sooner you register a .pk domain name that fits your company’s specialization, the better your chances of getting it before someone else does.

Several companies and registrars provide direct registration services for PK domain names. A trustworthy domain registration provider can help you avoid being conned out of money. Pakistani web hosting companies are also helping to register .PK domains. Web hosting and domain name registration can be purchased from the same firm. Order the domain name once you’ve made your decision.



Paying for a .PK domain name is the final step in the process. The price of the extensions varies from one company to the other. In most circumstances, the cost is between 2000 and 2800 Pakistani rupees (PKR) Any of these options, as well as Bitcoin or PayPal (if your registrar accepts them), can be used to make a payment to your account.


The PKNIC Card:

To register a domain, all you need is a PKNIC card (or cards). This physical card works in the same way as a mobile prepaid card. As a result, buying an domain name is as simple as using the pin.


Validity of the.PK Domain:

There is a two-year minimum registration period for PK domains. Re-applying once the initial validity period is up is required. “You’ll have to pay for it and put your effort into making it work for you. You can use a PKNIC Prepaid card to renew a .pk domain. Take advantage of the Pakistani digital market by registering a .PK domain name for your business.


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