The Ireland student visa process is streamlined and easier if applied timely. Even if you know the application for your Ireland student visa, you must be aware of the visa types. Knowing that before starting your visa procedure can help you to figure out which suits you the best. There are mainly two types of study visas based on duration C type and D type. Read on to understand more about the visa and Ireland student visa fees for students.

Irish Student Visa Types for International Students

Before starting your visa application for an Irish student visa, you need to know the types of visas. It varies based on the program and your nationality. If you are a non-EU or EEA student, you can apply for a visa to study at any Irish university. These are mainly of two types 

  • C-Type Student Visa: For students who enrolled in a program/course with less than 3 months duration.
  • D-Type Student Visa: Enrolled in a program/course having more than 3 months duration.

Ireland Study Visa Fees for Students

Whether you are an Indian student or a non-EU student, you need to pay a certain amount of Ireland student visa fees. The visa costs in Ireland are quite reasonable, you don’t need to spend a big amount. Also, the fees for a study visa include your visa processing from starting to approval. The costs are 

  • Single Journey Visa: 60 Euro ~ 5,114 INR
  • Multi Journey Visa: 100 Euro ~ 8,523 INR
  • Transit: 25 Euro ~ 2,221 INR

Note: Fees are non-refundable

What Can You Do with an Ireland Study Visa?

With Ireland Student Visa for India, you can do the following in the country.

  • Staying and studying education in the best Irish institutes.
  • Work full-time for 40 hours per week from June to September and part-time for up to 20 hours a week in the rest of the months.
  • In certain cases, you are also allowed to work even after completing graduation.

Interview Process for Ireland Student Visa

After submission of an Ireland student visa Indian need to appear for an interview for approval. The interview will mostly assure that you adhere to visa guidelines. This will also revolve around the plans to leave the country after the completion of the visa duration.

An important question you might come across during an interview is why you want to study in Ireland. After reviewing the visa application form, the visa counselor can decide whether to call you for the interview process and the visa application.

Every student needs to go through the Irish student visa applications twice before submitting the visa application. If you haven’t submitted all supporting documents in time with verification, you might need to wait for a longer duration to proceed with your visa. If you want to seek help and guidance for your university selection, connect with our study abroad consultants now.

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