It has done a lot for many – the property of old garbage that is unlikely to go away in their lives. It could be a stainless steel body in front of a lawn mower, a crooked lane, or another car parked just in the parking lot. Whatever the reason for the disposal, it may be the ultimate solution for the sale of waste.

Works with value

What you need to know is to find out the value of your car. If it works, pick it up at most stores to see what it offers the best. If the bike is not possible, refer to the appropriate description of the landfill contact for a relative price estimate. Many of them want to come there for a full visual inspection. Avoid bidding unless all options are exhaust or valid. To raise the sale price, determine the type of Skrotpræmie to be sold if it is more damaged than it already is. Also, finding a branded landfill site with a damaged model can save a little money.


To prepare the vending machine, make sure there is no paper or important material left inside. Take the time to review the documentation for the car to confirm its legal status to avoid any traffic problems on the road. Improper certification, such as inconsistent VIN, can have a negative impact on its vendors, so obtain and save a copy if necessary. Additional preparation for transporting to a landfill may mean that fuel. Coolant and fuel are left in the vehicle if require.

Avoid budgets

Once the purchase agreement is in place. Make sure you agree with the landlord how the car will be repair to avoid further shipping costs. Most landfills require you to take your car for free, but some charge a distance depending on the distance. Check your waste disposal to see if they offer a tax deduction that may be subject to tax depending on the sale price of the car.

Finally, do not sell and forget. While the use of a damaged boat is up to the buyer, ensuring that his name is transferred can avoid legal consequences and use it to sue the seller.

Scrapping a car digitally

You can scrap your car digitally with your NemID through citizen service. In addition, when scrapping the car digitally, you can only choose from a list of approved scrapers. You are therefore sure to live up to the requirement to use an approved scraper when scrapping your car digitally.

If you are exempt from digital mail, you can ask the car wrecker to create a case for scrapping the car on your behalf. To do so, however, requires:

  • You have confirmation from the municipality that you are exempt from digital mail.
  • You can document ownership of the car in the form of a registration certificate or final note.
  • You can document your own identity with a driving license or health card.

Unsubscribe car

The deregistration of the car takes place at a number plate operator, inspection hall or at one of the Danish Motor Agency’s engine offices, where you must hand in the car’s number plates.

When the car is deregister your insurance company is automatically notify. Just as the collection of current taxes such as weight tax. And green ownership tax is automatically stopped. If you have pay car tax for a longer period. You will get money back for the unused period.

Deregistration of a vehicle takes place in the same way, whether it is in connection with scrapping, limited use or sale of a car privately.

Payment of scrap premium

You will receive a scrapping certificate in your e-box when the necessary documents have been filled in, the number plates have been deregistered and the vehicle handed in to the scrapper.

Once you have receive your scrapping certificate. It typically only takes a few days before the scrapping premium is pay into your account.



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