Renovating a home is always a very delicate moment, we know it well! From the selection of suppliers to the definition of the project.  The choice of furnishings to the carrying out of the work.  Many professionals are involved and there are many aspects to pay attention. The final result is in line with our expectations.

So what’s the recipe for making no mistake?

Let’s start with 5 simple points that we recommend everyone to follow.

1) Furniture and renovation: two closely coordinated projects:

The moment of renovation is the perfect opportunity to model our home just as we dream of it.  The secret to doing it is to see the spaces and furnishings as one. The walls of our home.  In fact, are not “just” a container but can become a fundamental component of the furnishing project.

The counter-walls and false ceilings are a very important ally for a “living” space.  It enhances the furnishings and improves the habitability.

For example, it is possible to create niches or support surfaces for furnishing elements. we want to particularly enhance. All this requires careful initial planning.

For this reason, it is appropriate that the furniture designer and the architect.  It takes care of the renovation work closely with each other, coordinating to meet (and satisfy) all the customer’s needs.

2) To intervene on the house Plan or Not?

The task of every good furniture designer is to make the most of the spaces to make each environment welcoming, beautiful and functional. But when it comes to renovating the house, things change.  Now is the time to question the very plan of the house.

Very often, in fact, intervening with masonry works.  It  is possible to significantly improve the distribution of spaces and consequently the livability of the entire house.
Interventions involving masonry work must necessarily be carried out by an expert building firm with proven experience.  As the partners of the Lops renovation service, who are able to follow all the design phases.

3) Coatings: floors and walls interact with the Furniture:

Another reason why the furnishings and the renovation project should always be coordinated with each other concerns the coatings. These must be chosen thinking about the final result, in which the finishes of the furnishings, floors and walls create a visual balance that reflects your style and that integrates correctly with the brightness of the rooms. Tips to change the faucet

4) Design the lighting:

Lighting is also an aspect factor to be considered as a whole with the furniture. In any environment, light plays a fundamental role in defining spaces and guiding attention to one or more points, and this is even more true in those rooms of the house that perform a dual function: functional during the day, with diffused lighting. (natural and otherwise) which makes them completely usable, and relaxing in the evening, with a more subdued lighting that is concentrated in the areas where it is really needed: the table, the reading corner and the spaces for conviviality.

The moment of the renovation represents the perfect opportunity to arrange integrated lighting, for example using false ceilings or furniture elements.

5) Technology: great attention to Systems:

  • Last point of our short list, but not least in importance (nor in chronological order).  Plant engineering is one of the most important aspects when it comes to renovation.
  • The electrical, heating and air conditioning systems, in close correlation with the quality of the fixtures. These are very important factors to ensure the living comfort.  We all desire   they also represent important cost items at the end of the month. For Plumbing Services in Abernathy
  • For this reason, their design must be entrusted to specialized studies. It is  able to advise us on the most suitable technological solution for our daily needs.



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