Office interior has become one of the top priorities for the corporate as throngs of officer goers are returning to the office. Renovation or improving the office interiors need not be a very large budget with longer downtime.

1.    Declutter

One never knows how over the years, the once most important piece of furniture or gadget is lying in the corner gathering dust. IT is a very unconscious growth and so it is necessary to make a conscious list of what each item is being used for and by whom. This will enable us to make a lot of space in the office

2.    Make the pathway clear and make space.

Continuing on the earlier lines, decluttering alone won’t suffice. We need to re-look at the office layout and find out if it is really using the space optimally e.g. a round table is pushed into the corner with the far end of the nook being wasted. The storage can either be stowed away in our leg space or mounted on the walls.

3.    Allow the light it

Be it natural light or artificial, make sure that every nook and corner is lighted. Each light should accentuate the colour of the office and be aligned with each other. We should also have a constant theme or brand running all over the office especially when you pair up the light with the colour scheme. Top interior designers in bangalore know exactly how to milk the best of the light. They play magic with light and colour shades. A simple twist and turn with these can manage an entire revamp of the office looks.

4.    Brand the office

Building on the previous point of having a single theme running through the company, it is important to remember that the office should speak the language of the company. The office is but a physical manifestation of the company’s Vision and Mission. The colour and the lights can help but it is necessary to align the complete layout and décor with the values that the company stands for.

5.    See-through glass

Opt for glasses for both patricians and for cubicles. Glass gives a see-through and helps the team maintain a relationship. The rigid hierarchy is broken with a feel of accessibility rendered through the transparent partitions.

6.    Create multipurpose break out spaces

Break out spaces encourage brainstorming and discussion- both a must for an innovative way of solving the issue. Make sure that the break out spaces are not very formal and yet have a productive undertone to them. A whiteboard and a few markers will do the trick while a plug point to charge the mobile will help in enhancing the comfort of the space. Best interior designers in bangalore recommend having break out spaces that can be used for multiple purposes.

7.    Choose the furniture with the functionality in mind

The furniture is what the office user is going to use the most. True that the tone and mood of the office play an important role but for all practical purposes, comfortable chairs and desks at the right height with just the right gadgets can enhance the productivity of the user. Simple logic is that a comfortable person is happier and will therefore be more productive. So it is necessary to make sure that the furniture is of good quality especially as the user spends five to eight hours on them.

8.    Overall tone and décor

Just as it is necessary that the overall tone of the office should speak the company’s language, it is also equally important that the décor gives out a warm feel to the users. A very formal and rigid setting might not exactly embrace the employee emotionally while an office with warm lights and a mix of colours might lift up the mood almost instantly.

9.    Amenities for the users

The amenities like the canteen or the restrooms should be ideally located and accessible. In places like Bangalore where the weather can be pleasant, a few chairs in the open space with writing, the board can double up as a breakout space or a coffee room!



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