Getting a sport shoe is sometimes devastating, especially if you are a newbie in the industry. In the market, a variety of athletic shoes have different types of technology. There are different types of shoes meant for different types of tasks and foot types.

Individuals keep on wondering which the best shoe for their activities is. Well, the answer is simple, a good shoe should be the one that enhances maximum comfort on your foot and fits in well.

Okay, so how do you find the perfect athlete shoe? In this article, I have explained five tips to help you tackle the mystery of sports shoe identification. Read on. 

Ensure the Shoes Fits You Well

Sports shoes should fit you properly; therefore, as you look for a pair, ensure it meets the standards. It is a problem for many beginners to determine if the shoe fits them. Okay, here is what you need to know. First, take the shoes and ensure that your toes will not hit the end as you exercise down the hill. To avoid such a scenario, ensure a thump space between your toe and the end of the shoes.

Another thing is to ensure space in the toe box; why? To give you room to wiggle your toes freely in the shoes. The space should not be so big that the shoe ends up sloppy on the feet. Lastly, the upper side of the shoes should wrap around the entire foot to avoid slide cases and help the heels stay in the right position. 

Don’t Get Attracted By the Features.

Most of us tend to get distracted by the features of particular sports shoes. Features should be the last thing you can think off when selecting your sports shoes. It would be best to consider how the shoes feel on your feet. That is why you should try them both, walk around the store, bounce, and jog a little so that you get to know how they feel about you. 

Go for The Shoes that are for Your Sport

Many sports individuals get confused about the shoes to wear for their sports. There are shoes for football, running, rugby, etc. If they are for football, stick to that the same as others. Today many athletic shoes are being sold in the market; you will get some that look like sneakers, but this doesn’t mean they are suitable for the running activity. Get the right shoes that will make you comfortable and even enhance your speed during the athletic activity.

Know Your Feet

We all have different ways in which we step on our feet. You will get others stepping more on the outer part while others stepping on the inner side. A perfect understanding of your foot will simplify everything as you look for your sports shoes.

Get this clearly; shoes usually offer a variety of levels and support; therefore, it will be crucial to go for the pairs that will match your foot. If you are having a problem identifying the right pair, then you can opt for the neutral one, which will not support you in areas where you don’t need it. Support matters; for it to work effectively, you will need the proper support. Excess support is bad, just as small support. 

Buy them in the Evening

There is one thing about feet; they tend to swell as the days prolong. If you buy them in the morning, they might not fit in the evening, as they will be too tight for your feet. Therefore you should go to your store after your daily activity to be confident the shoes will fit you well the whole day.


Shoes are crucial sports attires, only if you get the right one for the job. Having the wrong pairs can result in your feet and back injuries. Sports are for fun, exercise etc., but if you go wrong on the pairs, things might go south at your end. Therefore as a beginner, adhere to the above tips, and you will be on the safe side.


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