The corporate video, an audiovisual element that has been around for a long time, is an essential tool to present and publicize the posting services of a company. It shows the personality and helps to generate engagement and trust with our audiences by putting a “face” and attributes on something intangible.

Making known not only what a company offers; but also what its philosophy is. Who integrates it, and its position regarding what is happening in the environment are just some of the elements that make a corporate video a powerful sales tool.

But what I have described above is not new, and the effectiveness of the video is more than proven. This is how we get to the point where the audiovisual piece is no longer only part of the marketing plan or strategy but the axis of it.

We live in a time when the whole world is connected to social networks; This is where video marketing shows off its impact and effectiveness by flooding networks and digital platforms with forceful messages based on visual memorability.

The corporate video: Present and future of marketing strategies

Making a corporate video today is a necessity to achieve the objectives of companies, brands, and products. It is the present and the future of marketing, sales, and customer service. Those who have not yet done so are being left out, but the good news is that making a corporate video is within everyone’s reach, and doing it under the advice and experience of experts in communicating messages through audiovisual production is, without a doubt, a great success and a very lucky investment.

According to a HubSpot Research report, over 50% of consumers want to watch brand videos more than any other type of content, so it’s no surprise that 81% of brands are doing video marketing.

The corporate video achieves multiple objectives

The corporate video brings us closer to consumers, favoring conversion, it connects emotionally with the audience, and it facilitates the transmission of messages to the target audience and improves sales.

But this is not magic, and for the above to happen, we must be very clear about the objectives of our corporate video that must be aligned with the objectives of our marketing campaign to be able to communicate what we want, using the form and content.

Corporate video adds value to being one of Google’s favorites

As if all this were not enough and as a curious fact, in 2006, Google acquired YouTube, which caused the main content search engine on the Internet worldwide, for a long time, to have incorporated videos into search results, so imagine everything that a useful video can achieve.

According to the annual report of “Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Forecast Service Adoption in its twelfth edition, by the year 2021, there will be 4.6 billion Internet users, equivalent to 44% of the world population. By that time, it will go from 17,100 to 27,100 million devices connected to the Internet, which means three “gadgets” for every inhabitant of the planet.

The corporate video is the present and the future of the connection with consumers, and today more than ever, we must take advantage of its impact and significance. Therefore, the corporate video is today one of the main axes of the most competitive and innovative marketing plans.

To Conclude

At the last of this post, we hope it helps you a little with what corporate video is and how important corporate video is to your marketing strategies and plans. Let’s take advantage of the corporate video as an infallible vehicle to achieve the objectives of our company, brand, service, or product.


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