Do you know that over 700 English movies are released each year on a global level? Till now, approximately 47 movies have made billions of dollars in terms of revenue from the box office and distributors.

However, after the rise of Covid-19, the film industry has seen the worst days of their lives. The annual estimated loss in the US box office is 5 billion dollars, and that figure rises each year due to some reasons we will discuss in this article.

People have gotten much more serious about their wellbeing and health after Covid-19, and spend most of their time at home. Hence, entertainment options on the internet have increased greatly. This has led to an increase in content piracy and pirated movie hubs.

One of the emerging platforms these days is FilmyGod. The website is one of a kind and has some differentiating features from other piracy websites. The website is updated daily and is improved to provide a better user experience. Movies of a wide variety of genres are available for free here.

In this article, we will talk in detail about the features FilmyGod offers and why piracy is a damaging factor for the entertainment industry.

What Is FilmyGod?

filmygod com


FilmyGod is a sea of pirated content that has a wide range of movies, web series, shows, and much more stuff to watch. The content on this website is free to view with no additional charges. Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Punjabi, and many more categories are available on FilmyGod for downloading and watching online.

Websites like FilmyGod Com illegally download movies from platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. it also pirates movies directly from theatres by illegally capturing them and developing them into high-definition videos.

Furthermore, if you ever visit FilmyGod, you will see that there are so many movies available that you haven’t come across ever in your life. These movies are created by low-budget producers and directors, who are unable to feature their movies in theatres.

Hence, they approach these piracy websites to feature their movies in their portals. This increases their reach and makes them achieve popularity in a very budget-friendly way.

You have the option to download movies of different sizes according to the specifications of your device. 

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Features of FilmyGod

FilmyGod has a ton of features that you can benefit from and stop worrying to get a ticket for a movie in theatres.

The website is easy to access as it has numerous working domains available. The reason for several domains is simple.

As these websites feature pirated content, they often get banned by local governments as piracy is a crime and these websites are completely illegal. Hence, these website owners always have numerous domains with different names that offer the same content.

One great thing about FilmyGod is that it features the latest and recommended content always on top of its homepage. This saves the user time to try finding any trendy movies as he/she can find them straight away on the homepage.

This website is operable on mobile phones as well as PCs. The website is optimized pretty well in general for mobile phone use and integrates a very user-friendly interface. This makes browsing through content and watching your favorite stuff an easy task. 

FilmyGod even interacts with their viewers, providing them assistance in all dimensions.  The viewers and visitors of the website have the option to email the experience they obtained on the website to the provided email address.

Additionally, users can even request a movie that is currently isn’t being featured on the website. Requests are entertained in 24 hours.

The best part about FilmyGod Com is that the website is completely free with no subscription fees or additional costs. The website features HD-quality movies that can be easily downloaded on your device using torrent software.

If your device has insufficient space to accommodate large movies, you may even download the movies on your chosen quality with decreased space. Furthermore, the best option for these users is to watch the movies online on FilmyGod with their streaming option.

The most popular Netflix and Amazon Prime web series are also available to watch on this website. Also, newly released movies are available on these platforms almost immediately. 

Each movie is put under relevant categories to help viewers watch the content that piques their interest according to the categories. 

A search option is also available on the website that saves a great deal of time in finding any intended movies. 

Why Is FilmyGod A Threat To User Safety? 

Apparently, the content on FilmyGod is free to watch and download. But obviously, there are some ways the owners are making money through this website. Apart from featuring low-budget movies for a considerable amount of money, pirated websites earn by selling their user data to third-party websites and platforms.

User data includes our names, emails, contact information, and IP addresses. These are sold for advertisements and other potentially harmful means. Hence, it is recommended to always have an active VPN when browsing such websites.

What Damage Does Piracy Cause?

The last section of this article features the destruction piracy has caused to the film industry. Global losses due to piracy are account for between 40 to 97.1 billion dollars. The US economy alone bears losses of over a minimum of 30 billion dollars annually due to piracy.

Music piracy has been the most damaging for original creators and distributors. However, movie piracy is also a significant threat

Legal video streaming platforms have attempted to revive the film industry who purchasing the rights of particular movies from creators to feature them on their platforms. This has been quite helpful in minimizing the blow piracy is causing to the industry. However, the fight persists.


filmygod com


We do not recommend you to use FilmyGod or any such pirated websites as it is a direct slap on the face of original content creators. Comment down below your views regarding this issue.

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