Ahmedabad, the former capital of the state of Gujarat, is also known as the “Boston of India.” Schools in Ahmedabad serve as a crossroad for many progressive ideas in commerce, communication, population, and infrastructure. As a metropolis, it seeks to administer these ideologies and is determined to carry them out while remaining true to its mission.

With the country’s ever-increasing population, Ahmedabad looks forward to striking a balance between the growth of its citizens and the expansion of the city in which they live to ensure an elegant enhancement of the state and, by extension, our country. If you happen to be a resident of this city and are looking for preschools in Ahmedabad, then this article will help you find one.

Let us start off by understanding the education system in India.

Education in India

In India, there are four levels of education: lower primary (ages 6 to 10), upper primary (ages 11 and 12), high (ages 13 to 15), and higher secondary (17 and 18). Students must learn a common curriculum (with the exception of regional variations in their mother tongue) until the end of high school. Students across the country are required to learn three languages (English, Hindi, and their mother tongue), with the exception of regions where Hindi is the mother tongue and some streams, as discussed below. This led to a rise of English medium schools in Ahmedabad and across the country.

Speaking of the state, Gujarat University is one of the largest and oldest universities in terms of education. Founded in the 1920s by Mahatma Gandhi, Gujarat University is now affiliated with many of the city’s colleges, offering students a wide range of courses in a variety of fields. According to the 2011 census, the town’s literacy rate increased from 79.89 percent to 89.62 percent.

As a result, the next generation is at ease to propel the country’s economy forward. Let us look at the most effective pre-school in Ahmedabad and how you can pick the right one for your child giving him/her the foundation and headstart they need.

Preschools in Ahmedabad

According to the National Education Policy, our Minister of Education- Ramesh Pokhriyal said, from 2021 onwards, pre-school education for students aged 3-6 years will become an integral part of education.

In India, preschool education is divide into two stages: junior kindergarten (Jr.) and senior kindergarten (Sr. KG) (Sr.KG). The Jr. KG class will be available for children between three to four years, and the Sr. KG class will available for children between four to five years. After completing Sr. KG, a child enters Class 1 of Primary School.

Kindergarten is an important component of regular schools, as well as a separate private chain. This adaptability is due to the fact that education in India is provided by both the public and private sectors, with control and funding coming from three levels: central, state, and local. However, in many parts of the country, the language of instruction is still Hindi or any other local language. It is crucial to have English medium schools as English is a universal language, accepted all across the globe.

Importance of English Medium Schools in Ahmedabad and across India

Children rely on a solid educational foundation in pre-primary schools. And those from higher socioeconomic backgrounds are more likely to attend private pre-primary schools. Developing English medium schools and ensuring the curriculum lays emphasis on. It will be a boost to the kind of education imparted in these private institutions. Education for children aged 3-6 years is not a fundamental right, so it is not in the spotlight. As a result, preschool education suffers from insufficient coverage and poor quality, benefiting only a small number of children.

International Preschool in Ahmedabad

Gujarat being the education hub of the country has one of the best preschools. The Global Indian International School follows the renowned Montessori curriculum. The Global Montessori Plus program – which provides preschoolers with all-around development during their foundational years. They use the best practices of modern education in conjunction with the traditional Montessori approach. Making us the best kindergarten school in Ahmedabad.


Schools such as these just don’t preach but also create a positive environment for their preschool students. By using modern teaching methodology with class infrastructure. This kind of curriculum assists kids in maturing into self-assured. Young people eager to take on new challenges as they enter the modern world. Why look any further when you’ve found the best preschool in Ahmedabad.


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