Many people think of Bali as a piece of heaven. This nickname deserves to be given to the Island of the Gods because of its beautiful and charming nature. For anyone planning a holiday, we recommend booking one of the best Bali resorts for the whole experience of your unforgettable holiday in Bali. 

Instead of booking a five-star hotel in the middle of the city, consider various choices of resorts surrounded by beautiful and fresh nature. We guarantee your vacation in Bali will be even more memorable and help you freshen up from the hustle of the city.

Best Natural Resorts in Bali

Bali offers tons of resorts that are not only good but also provide comfort for every visitor. You can relax amid the beauty of nature and the fresh air that has not been polluted by factory or vehicle emission. Here are the best resorts in Bali that you can choose.

 Kinaara Resort & Spa

In a sub-district called Gerokgak in Buleleng Bali, there is a village known as Pemuteran. This village is one of the recommendations for Asian tourist destinations in 2016. Its charm beats some of the best tourist destinations in various other countries.

Taitung in Taiwan, Meghalaya in India, and the Trang Islands in Thailand lost to the beauty of Pemuteran Village. You can spend the night in this very charming tourist village by booking a room at Kinaara Resort & Spa. Their buildings are dominated by natural wood.

Sang Giri Mountain Tent Resort

Currently, a staycation at a unique lodging is one of the activities that are often carried out by young people. Spend a staycation at Sang Giri Mountain Tent Resort, where you can camp in more luxurious tents equipped with various supporting facilities.

When ‘glamping’ at this unique resort, you will be pampered by a magnificent view of Mount Batukaru. This resort is perfect for those who like fresh mountain air or want to try something a little bit more challenging in a simple way. There are 8 luxury wooden tents, each of which is equipped with the best facilities.

Puri Sebatu Resort

For those who don’t like the cold mountain air, there is Puri Sebatu Resort which is located in the middle of the Tegalalang rice fields. This resort offers an infinity pool with rice fields and lush trees as a backdrop. You will definitely get instagrammable photos here.

Puri Sebatu Resort offers traditional Balinese architecture in the rooms. Various pieces of furniture made of wood beautify every room at this resort. The natural atmosphere at the resort feels perfect with the scent of bamboo, grass, trees, and flowers around the resort.

 Pererapan Villa

The eco-villa called Pererepan Villa is designed using natural materials so that it does not harm the environment. The natural atmosphere in this villa is also very fresh and comfortable. The location of this resort is very close to the forest, so there is no need to doubt its naturalness.

The Bali Islands and all their beauties never fail to make you want to come back again. Book your favorite resort and come back to Bali soon!

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