Things have been pretty rough in the past two years, with the pandemic ending our well-structured lifestyle. From events to coffee shops, we had a different reality of how we socialize. Most of the time, we spent our days and nights in our homes, preferably watching our favorite TV shows and keeping ourselves safe from the lethal virus. Lucky were those who had an opportunity to invest in Cox Contour TV to take full advantage of the monotonous pandemic days. Providers like Cox Communications were hands-on with their services. They helped their customers with the various Cox bundles during the pandemic. 

Call It Quits for the Pandemic

As we are heading towards the end of the pandemic era, the world will likely start establishing the pre-pandemic rules. Business leaders were one of the earliest people who responded to pandemic changes. Businesses were quick to end their employee’s work-from-home arrangement. And even now, as the COVID-19 cases are limited, business leaders and employers are the first to implement back-to-office programs. 

However, surprisingly or not so surprisingly, employees do not want to return to the office. Of course, working from home was tough but returning to the office was more arduous. Employees in the country are willing to resign if they are called back permanently into the office. Many employers have started implementing the hybrid work model to cope with the great resignation and all the crises it brought.

Nevertheless, if you go with the option of allowing your employees to work from home or you are rigid with your decision to bring employees back to the office, following tips will help you build a better work culture. 

Intentional Design

Modern businesses no longer fit in the stereotypical design of the workplace, so don’t expect your employees to enjoy coming back to rows of cubicles and desks underneath the lots. It is time to brush on your interior design skills. These days employees demand a workplace that is more than just a place of work. You have to develop a new design that inspires employees and helps them fit in the workplace. 

Each company and each job is unique. Your design can showcase what your company stands for. You should ensure your workplace enables teamwork and has both outdoor and indoor spaces. After working at home for a long time, many employees might feel uncomfortable in a combined workplace. Catering to their needs, you should create a quiet workspace for employees who want to work in privacy. 

Healthy Office Snacks

We are not suggesting you lure your employees with snacks but enabling them to have a healthy snack is something that can help them come to the office. After working from home, many people have endured a habit of eating snacks throughout their working hours. Of course, you can not allow your employees to eat all the time. Please make sure you construct a break room and fill it with healthy drinks and snacks that can cheer them up. 

Bottom Line

Creating a space where your employees feel comfortable and joyful should be your next mission, not forcing them to return to the office. In times like these, employees are in power, and businesses should do everything to ensure they keep the talent in the company. Some of the ideas above can help you bring the most hesitant employees back to the office.

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