Outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly popular in new homes, renovations, and commercial buildings. You might be wondering if you’ll ever go back inside after coming out of the house. With all-weather materials and furnishings, the perfect outdoor living space can easily be achieved.

How we can help you create the perfect outdoor area. We have shades and blinds for any space, including patio shades, sun shades, and external shutters. Shades and blinds can be used to provide comfort, convenience, and relaxation all year round, but they also have many other benefits. We’ve included our top 10 list of why these are such popular outdoor window treatments.

Outdoor Blinds Maximise Space

Outdoor blinds are also a great way to maximize your outdoor space. Outdoor blinds can cover in verandah and patio areas to bring you more usable space.

Protection from Harsh Weather

Outdoor blinds are great because they block the wind, rain, and sun’s harmful rays. It’s a Victoria thing — we have 4 seasons in one day! People with outdoor blinds on their windows can get by with entertaining their guests and clients even when it gets too hot or too cold.

Protection of your Furnishings

Outdoor blinds provide protection for both furniture and fabric. Harsh elements are kept out, leading to less damage, fading, and general wear and tear.

Keep away the bugs, flies and mosquitos

Nothing is worse than having your guests enjoy themselves, and then suddenly a fly or mosquito comes to ruin the party. Outdoor binds help keep insects, spiders, and other critters away.

Energy Efficient

With the windows closed and the blinds drawn, it’s estimated that you can reduce your energy bill by up to 50%. Having blinds at home and in an office is vital for maintaining the warmth and protecting against the sun’s harsh rays.

The Different Types of Outdoor Blinds

Because outdoor blinds are so versatile it’s helpful to differentiate between the different types by highlighting their basic features and benefits:

  • Ziptrak Blinds: This is a nice type of outdoor blind. If you want protection for your home or office from the wind, rain, pests and the sun’s rays, but don’t want to deal with windows, these outdoor blinds are ideal. They use a high-quality mesh or PVC material that affords you ultimate protection against the elements. These outdoor blinds are also user-friendly–they can be operated manually or with a motor. If your blinds have a motor, you can control them from any location.
  • Café Blinds: Homeowners like to have a variety of blinds in their homes, depending on the room or window size. Like many other types of blinds, café blinds offer that classic and sophisticated look and feel. These blinds use a hand-rolled or rope-and-pulley system and are typically found on outdoor entertainment areas and commercial outdoor dining areas. As with any type of blind, your choice of material will influence how much privacy you get. For example, PVC or mesh materials offer users respite from harsh UV rays, high winds, and rain.
  • Bistro Blinds: If you’re looking for outdoor blinds with good value and durability, bistro blinds are ideal. They’re suited to both residential and commercial outdoor areas, as they can withstand all of Melbourne’s unpredictable weather. Plus, they offer clear and tinted options that allow you to let in light while protecting your interior.
  • Awnings: We have a huge range of awnings to suit all lifestyles and outdoor needs, with styles including traditional awnings and automatic awnings. You should choose the style that’s most appropriate for your needs, but one of our outdoor blinds experts would be able to guide you to the right product.  

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Dry Your Washing Outside

Outdoor blinds are a great way to dry your wash, and save money from not using your dryer.

Increases Privacy

We offer a wide range of blinds that not only look great, but also provide increased privacy.


With such a variety of blinds to choose from, our store has something to suit all styles. Whether you need a specific size, pattern or colour, visit us where we can match any decor to increase the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Entertain All Year Round

When it comes to business, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Still, when it comes to hospitality, there are two things we should always do: provide for our customers, and entertain.

Adds Value to Your Home

Whether you have a home, cafe or office, having the ability to provide for yourself and your customers is a great way to increase your business’s profitability and your happiness at home.

Outdoor Blinds from Country Blinds

Country Blinds’ Outdoor Blinds are the perfect addition to any home. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, our blinds are sure to complement any décor. Our blinds are made from the highest quality materials and construction, ensuring that they will last for years to come. Country Blinds’ Outdoor Blinds are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury and style to your home.


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