Anyone in their daily lives can end up facing mobility issues. However, with the help of physical therapy, they can regain mobility and return to daily activities. The need and requirements of physical therapy are not limited to people of older ages. It can be provided to anyone having mobility issues and help them gain strength and well-being and improve overall health. The question of can physical therapists can prescribe medication will also be answered. Let’s understand physical therapy and where you can get it.

How to Find a Physical Therapist

Before we start looking for a physical therapist, it is important to understand physical therapy. Physical therapy services are usually provided by physical therapists who have been provided a license by the state they are working in. However, when it comes to the question of can physical therapists prescribe medication, it is not possible since they are task with the job of working on the following aspects:

  • Improve overall health and well-being
  • Increase strength and expedite physical healing

They start by assessing your current condition and ensure that you can regain a high level of functional mobility and independence using different techniques, which help in better movement. Also, the treatment is personalized for each person. With that being said, here is how you can find a physical therapist so that you can regain proper movement for everyday tasks:

  • Identify a specialized physical therapist

When looking for a physical therapist, it is important to ensure that they have been register with the American Physical Therapy Association, also known as APTA. Physical Therapists registered with APTA  also specialize in treating specific body parts and different fields within physical therapy like stroke rehabilitation and pre-or post-operative care.

  • Physical therapists should have great manual skills

As physical therapists use their hands to improve and mobilize function, which cannot be possible by strengthening or stretching only. Hands-on skills help heal scar tissues effectively and reduce inflammation and pain.

  • Find a well-equipped clinic

Finding a physical therapy clinic with a lot of equipment and good quality service is extremely necessary. Although outpatient clinics have basic therapies, others might require the latest equipment and facilities. Also, since patients might need to visit the clinic multiple times within a week, working hours are an important point to consider.

  • Receive physical therapy from a certified physical therapist

Another especially important point to consider is the certification of a physical therapist. They should have a valid license as a physical therapist. Also, they need to have a degree from an officially recognized physical therapy program and have completed their licensure examination.

The points mentioned above are a great way to ensure that you can regain movement.  Flexibility in the affected area and heal from any surgery or sudden ill health. Also, physical therapists will usually work in conjunction with a physician to ensure. That your recovery process is expedite and you can return to regular life quickly. So let’s now understand the responsibilities of a physical therapist.

Responsibilities of a physical therapist

With the information related to finding a physical therapist already mentioned previously. It is now time to understand the responsibilities of a physical therapist. These responsibilities will help you as a patient know what you will gain from the assistance. They provide to improve strength and flexibility. Help improve overall life after a major illness like a stroke or surgery. With this, you will be able to understand the question,  is physical medicine the same as physical therapy. So here are the responsibilities of a physical therapist:

  1. Reviewing patients’ medical histories helps the physical therapist understand their needs and then create a personalized program to allow the patient to return to full mobility and improved strength.
  2. Understanding and listening to concerns and queries by looking at their movements and listening to their concerns and queries.
  3. Individualized treatment plans will help them create a proper treatment method to regain strength and engage in daily activities better for the patient.
  4. Before starting the treatment, it is necessary to provide a clear outline of the treatment plan, outcome, and the recovery process to the patient and their family.
  5. The physical therapist’s main aim is to exercise, stretching equipment, and hands-on therapy to manage the patient’s pain, increase mobility and reduce the chances of pain and injury.
  6. Finally, the physical therapist should record the patient’s progress and have room to modify the plan whenever needed.

All the above responsibilities are mention when an individual chooses to pursue a physical therapy course. By searching for “physical therapy assistant programs near me,” they can easily understand their job.

Responsibilities and then decide on learning the best ways of alleviating pain and improving the quality of life for affected individuals.


With all the information provide above, it can be easily understand that physical therapy has a complex understanding of the affected individual’s pain. It works in conjunction with medication to aid in faster recovery from mobility issues and regain strength for everyday life.


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