Technological advancements are taking place Rapidly if we compare it to traditional manned guarding. It’s challenging to keep up with how quickly things are changing. Every week, it seems, a new piece of technology gets launched, and present technology can now achieve far more than it did previously. We rely on it heavily. When was the last time you went to the library to learn something new or looked at a map before going somewhere? It no longer occurs. Why should it, when we have everything we need right in our hands?

What about security, though? Is relying on technology for security preferable or not? Yes, you can monitor your IP camera(s) protecting your company’s assets from anywhere. Does this, however, imply that your assets are safe?

Before we go any further, let me state unequivocally that all businesses are vulnerable to attack. Regardless of the type of business or corporate assets, they are all subject to risk. As a result, all businesses should use some form of security risk management to protect themselves, especially because security measures are typically required for insurance compliance. But what type of safety precautions should you take?

The use of best Security guard services in conjunction with cutting-edge technological solutions will help spread information about possible threats. Businesses can improve their manned guarding security by investing in new systems and technology platforms that provide more pinpoint accuracy on an issue, allow for faster response times, and provide a safer environment for current manned guards and other employees, all while gradually reducing the number of guards required and thus lowering costs. Security technology helps first responders monitor and respond to emerging threats in a safe and effective manner by providing reliable perimeter detection, remote visual verification that is immediate and accurate, effective remote prevention tools to ward off threats, and the tools needed to convey situational awareness.


Traditional manned guarding does not lag behind despite a lack of technology support and other equipment. There are still some instances where human guarding is advantageous.

Detecting Threats Prior to the Use of Technology

Even if you spend thousands of dollars on a cutting-edge security system and fire safety solutions, it will not protect you from all threats. A security officer on the premises can see issues that technology can’t, such as gas leaks and weather damage.

Defending Despite Technical Difficulties

If your facility has technical issues, hiring on-site security staff will provide you with peace of mind. Technical difficulties including WI-FI outages, power outages, and system breakdowns can happen at any time and go unnoticed for hours. You will have peace of mind 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you have manned guarding in place.

Making sure employees and customers are safe at work

When trying to intimidate or demonstrate aggressive behavior against customers or staff in retail and nightlife environments. Having to confront a security officer can stop a lot of troublemakers.

We provide manned guarding services from highly qualified professionals at Pro-Guard Security to keep your facilities safe. Installation of CCTV cameras and fully monitored alarms are among our supplementary services, which provide additional protection around the clock.

Respond right away

A good CCTV system is an excellent way to keep an eye on things from afar. Neither can, however, defend your property if something goes wrong while you’re waiting for an emergency response team to arrive. A security guard can quickly and effectively bring a situation under control in an emergency. For example, in case of fire-related issues, fire alarms will warn you regarding the same but Fire Guards will leave no chance to try and protect you from every harm that can be caused because of fire.

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An effective deterrent for troublemakers

Before breaking in, burglars also assess your security processes to minimize the odds of being discovered. This can make them challenging to manage. Guards walking about the premises may deter burglars from attempting a break in since it is too risky.

Where can you find the best security services?

Security service companies abound in the town. When compared to RAXA, however, not nearly as many of them are licensed or experienced. Guys at RAXA are extremely capable of safeguarding their clients’ assets and efficiently managing security at huge events. RAXA provides a wide range of services to its clients, including aviation security Solutions and cyber security, but they are most known for its premier manned guarding. They do, in fact, offer the best security guard services in any industry all over India. They’ve also worked for airport security as well as at huge events like the Indian Premier League (IPL). As a result, you can have complete faith in them to keep your business safe and secure.


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