If your brand lacks visibility, awareness, and lead, then influencer marketing is the best option to grab your target audience. This helps build trust with your audience. Also, it acts as a natural extension of the existing market. Furthermore, Digital marketing agency Kolkata has been making a difference in this aspect.

You get three approaches:

  • Organic – Here, you can search and build relationships all by yourself. And, it would be based on your influence campaigns created in-house.
  • Platforms – This is done internally. Here you take help from specialist tools and stage the marketing process
  • Agencies – You are a hire specialist, they can create and operate your influence campaign. Moreover, marketing agencies or advertising agencies usually do them.

What do influencer marketing agencies do?

They are an organization that works by collaborating with influencers and brands. The purpose is to create marketing campaigns through social media. 

They help to channel your brand for every social platform. Moreover, take care of brand reputation from start to the end. Thus, these agencies can help you with media buying, social media targeting, creative strategies, etc. 

Other than this, they usually have a team that designs and executes marketing campaigns. Now, campaigning can be of various types – from product replacement and paid sponsorship to advertising brands.

What are the core aspects of influencer campaigns?

  • Product placement – This includes referencing a product in a post; either through image or video, you can even put a story.
  • Building social followers – Influencers can help bring in a large audience within a short span of time. Moreover, this helps in increasing branding through social channels and popularity.
  • Contest or giveaway – To keep the audience engaged, campaigns are organized in the form of competitions. Then, these work through coordination with the agencies and social influencers to promote them.
  • Hashtag campaign – Every brand requires to share content that should interest the followers. Thus, they would participate or join the brand. Therefore, User-generated content, along with hashtags, is created to influence the brand.
  • Creative camping – The brand message or objective should reflect through the content that one posts on social media. Thus, one can organize campaigns to keep them uniquely co-relatable with the brand.

What is the support provided by an influencer marketing agency?

An Influencer marketing agency can help you with:

  • Creating content strategy and creative influencer selection.
  • Form a communication pattern of the campaign message and involvement of platforms.
  • Moreover, a proper timeline for the production of the campaign.
  • To understand the brand, its competitors, audience, and its place in the industry.
  • Locate influencers who would be fit for the brand and would be relevant for the campaigns
  • Further, reach out to the influencers and contact them to support the lead generation for the brand.
  • Analyze the influencers who would be suitable for the campaign and manage them to produce unique content.
  • Gained expertise in maximizing campaigns across multiple platforms (the best influencer marketing agencies have experience running successful campaigns across Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, blogs, and more).

Communicate with the influencers from time to time to understand the success metric and work on the result.


Influencer marketing agencies significantly differ from marketing platforms. The latter is a tool that can help you manage the marketing process. But, only a specialist can understand the defaults. They can read through the analytics to form a strategy. This helps to amplify the followers of the brand.

Marketing agencies usually create campaigns that would fit the client’s objective. And, they reform the strategy from time to time to meet the goal. Browse through Meraqi Digital, they can help you in the long run.


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