Those days are long gone when online video platforms only included YouTube and Dailymotion. Nowadays many other popular options have made their name into the industry offering short video formats. As time passes, our attention span is decreasing. Hence, these new applications offer entertaining videos that only lasts a few seconds.

TikTok is emerging as one of those popular social media platforms lately which is currently being used in 154 countries globally. However, don’t be wronged as TikTok existed as a few years ago, but earned real fame after being rebranded to TikTok.

Around 34% of all users post at least once a day on TikTok. An average TikTok user spends 50 minutes or more daily on the app! TikTok is on the verge to reach 1 billion total users within a few months as it’s already par 800 million.

Most trends and songs get viral primarily from TikTok. Some videos pique our interest and keep us watching them again and again. Unfortunately, once you swipe on a video, it’s gone.

The only way to watch the video again is by going to the respected profile of the uploaded. However, downloading TikTok videos is the best solution to keeping all your favorite videos always available for watching.

The app itself doesn’t have a download feature built for downloading its videos. Many downloader websites are available on the internet that offers to download your favorite TikToks within a few seconds. 

SSSTikTok is the best option if you wish to download your favorite TikToks within a few clicks. SSSTikTok Download feature offers you a way to download any TikTok videos without a watermark for absolutely free.

In this article, we have explained in-depth, the procedure of downloading TikToks from SSSTikTok, and the ways in which you can download videos from here.

More About SSSTikTok Com

ssstiktok com


SSSTikTok is considered the best application/website for all Android users who wish to download their favorite TikTok videos. It is a full feature downloader option with a ton of interesting options.

You get the option of previewing and playing all your downloaded TikTok videos offline without requiring an internet connection. All of the downloaded videos are stored in the “downloads” folder, found on your mobile phone. You can use different applications for viewing the videos you’re downloaded from SSSTikTok Com.

If you have low storage on your mobile device, this website is best for you as you aren’t required to download anything. You can start using SSSTikTok right away from its website.

The most amazing fact of this platform is that you have the option to download watermark-free videos in the highest possible quality. The downloader hardly loses the original video quality when downloading it.

If you are thinking that the watermark erase feature on this application is only limited to premium users, you are mistaken. The watermark erases feature is also completely free of cost with no hidden subscription fees and registration charges.

Why Is SSSTikTok A Very Important Application?

TikTok features billions of videos and amongst them are some videos that we crave for watching again. Unfortunately, if you do not have a secure internet connection, you are unable to view videos on TikTok.

Sometimes idly you just want to have some entertainment in case of no internet connection available. SSSTikTok is your best option in this case as it’s a safe and popular option for downloading your favorite TikTok videos and never getting bored again.

This application has an edge over other websites offering similar services because of its responsiveness. SSSTikTok Com is a much more responsive website than other videos downloaded out there. It saves you a ton of time and makes downloading easy for you. The cherry on top is that this platform can also be used to download Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and Instagram videos.

How To Download Any TikTok Video On Mobile (Android, iOS)?

Downloading videos through the SSSTikTok website never gets easier on Android and iOS devices. The first step in order to download your favorite videos is to launch the TikTok application on your phone.

Look out for the “share” icon on the video you wish to download. The shared video represents an arrow. After tapping on it, select the “copy link” option to successfully copy the video link.

After copying the link, you are supposed to go on SSSTikTok for further steps. The website has a built-in text bar on top where you are required to paste the copied link of the TikTok video.

After pasting the link, click on the download button the get the download link. After this, your video will start downloading automatically without the logo in mp4 format. In case of problems regarding this method of downloading, consider the options discussed in the below sections.

How To Downlaod Any TikTok Video On PC/Laptop?

SSSTikTok Download option for PC is suitable for all audiences. It is the most convenient and universally applicable method available. The video downloaded from this option will be saved on your device in the original quality without any watermark.

Another amazing feature for PC users is that you aren’t required to download any application in order to start downloading TikTok videos from SSSTikTok. The website operates perfectly on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

To successfully download a TikTok video on your PC, firstly, go to the TikTok website. Now browse to the video you wish to download and click on the Share button as done earlier. Copy the video link from the share option and paste the copied link into the field bar displayed on SSSTikTok Com.

After your video is processed, you can download it easily in the original quality by clicking on the “download” button. All your downloaded videos will be stored in the “my downloads” folder available on PC.

How To Download Any TikTok Video On iPhone Or iPad (iOS)?

Downloading stuff from the internet is the most difficult task on iOS devices because of restricted access. However, SSSTikTok has got the solution for it as well. Even if you are an iPhone or iPad user, you can download TikTok videos for free by using SSSTikTok. However, you will require a bit more extra effort in doing so.

iOS users are required to download the documents by Readdle app from the Apple apps store. This step is necessary to be done because Apple does not allow direct downloading from browsers after its 12th version.

After downloading the above application, the process is straightforward. Now browse TikTok as you normally would and copy the link of any video as explained in the above sections.

Launch Documents by Readdle application once you have successfully copied the link. On the bottom right corner of the application, you will see a web browser option, click on it and search for SSSTikTok on the URL field.

After reaching the website, paste the copied video link on the text field displayed before you. Now as we normally downloaded videos on Android devices, click on the download button and your video will start downloading automatically.


ssstiktok com


We hope that you found this article useful and got to know much about SSSTikTok. Comment down below your views regarding this website and whether you will use it or not?

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