Memes have flooded the internet servers making them the most popular industry globally. Memes are available for almost every event, occasion, and ceremony. The vastness and broadness of what a meme can offer are simply incredulous. People nowadays surf Instagram and Facebook, mainly for memes.

The meme world is originated from its Greek version Mimema, which means to imitate. The first memes were created in the late 70s’ and after the advent of social media, memes became most popular and known globally.

Memes may be originated from clips and pictures from a movie or just a random snap from the internet. The Netflix series “Mean Girls” got a lot of popularity in the United States and one particular meme became very famous after it.

The meme is known as “Get in Loser We’re Going Shopping”. This particular meme has broken the internet recently and people (especially in the US) are going crazy on it.

In this article, we will discuss in detail how this meme was created and what is the story behind Get in Loser We’re Going Shopping quote.

The Most Famous Memes of All Times

Before we go on to talk about the famous Get In Loser We’re Going Shopping quote, let’s reflect and see the most famous meme of the century. Below we have listed down these evergreen memes that are used frequently even today.


Squinting Fry

Success Kid

Interestingly, the story of this meme goes a bit deeper

Trump Signs an Executive Order

Scumbag Steve

Evil Kermit

Grumpy Cat

To watch these memes, search for any of the above names on Google and you will get the respective meme straightaway.

Get In Loser We’re Going Shopping: Meaning

get in loser we're going shopping quote


Get in Loser We’re Going Shopping refers to a famous dialogue (or quote,) from the popular Netflix web series “Mean Girls”. This quote was said by the character Regina George. This phrase has been quite popular subsequently and is used numerous times on image macros of animals who seem to be occupying the driver’s seat.

This quote is especially famous in the US amongst girls who are familiar with the web series “Mean Girls”.

Get In Loser We’re Going Shopping: Origin and Rise

The famous Netflix web series “Mean Girls” got premiered in the United States on April 19th, 2004. In one of the scenes of the movie, the protagonist, Cady gets honked at by Regina George.

Regina’s character was played by Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams respectively. After honking, Regina shouts the line that becomes the famous quote Get In Loser We’re Going Shopping.

It’s quite amazing that the quote became famous as memes after 6 years of its original release. The first image macro was posted on Funny Junk by ItsBrianna in May 2010.

After that, a Facebook page was launched by the name of Get in Loser We’re Going Shopping on November 5th, 2011. As social media became more approachable and available to all, certain memes skyrocketed in popularity. The same was the case with this meme.

The meme was viral on Reddit by October of 2012, where image macros of pets (especially dogs) in the car became the most popular version of this quote. Over the years the meme gained more popularity and was even circulated as GIFs as well. The meme became more viewed after TikTok came into popularity and was spreading like wildfire on it.

Where Is This Quote Mostly Used As Memes?

As the quote was primarily said in an American movie, it became quite famous in the United States of America. Girls especially enjoyed trolling their friends with this quote and soon it became a popular dialogue that would roam around the streets.

Most young people in the United States were found to be using this quote (especially those people who have watched Mean Girls). The other person usually found it to be a fun piece to laugh about.

The quote became quite famous in memes globally throughout social media platforms.

A Few Last Words

We hope that you found the backstory of the dialogue Get in Loser We’re Going Shopping, quite interesting. Feel free to comment down below your views regarding this article.

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