Sar pass trek is perhaps the most well known treks in India done in the mid year season (April to June). It is one of a handful of the treks where trekkers can undoubtedly track down snow during these months. The trek begins from Kasol, which is a villa in the Kullu area of the Indian territory of Himachal Pradesh.


Roasted at 13,800 ft. above ocean level, Sar Pass offers the radiance of an excellent verdant scene and is a paradise for photographic artists, specialists, and nature sweethearts. Set against a shade of magnificent Himalayan pinnacles enveloped by snow, the Sar Pass trek passes through probably the most beautiful perspectives going from backwoods to the glades to the ice covers.


The trek brings everything to the table for beginning from trekking through woods of pine and forests of rhododendrons, to setting up camp in the high-elevation Grahan Village. This is the best escape from the burning intensity of the urban communities and to observe the colder time of year chills in the pinnacle late spring.


Day 01: Kasol to Grahan Village

-Your Sar Pass trek begins from the focal point of Kasol and keeps to the genuine left of the Grahan Nallah.

-The path is simple and often used by local people and one can easily cover a lot of distance in two or three hours.

-Subsequent to passing the Grahan Nallah the path becomes rough and one will climb uphill, away from the right bank of the waterway and through the Rhododendron woodland.

-After a precarious move of about 60 minutes, the Grahan Village is the last town of the trek and there will be no portable organisation going ahead.

-Short term visit in tents at Grahan.


Day 02: Grahan to Mung Thach


Awaken to a lovely perspective on the wonderful snow-clad mountains.

-In the wake of having a good breakfast, begin your ascension north of the setting up camp ground of Grahan towards Mung Thach through the path normally utilized by local people.

-In the wake of proceeding with your trek for some time, witness the Mung Thach, Nagaru, and Sar Top on the mountain to one side.

Trek through the more extreme way that leads into the forest with a thick front of trees.

-As the slant becomes more extreme the way also becomes testing at certain spots.

-In the wake of crossing the woodland, show up at your objective for the afternoon, i.e., Mung Thach.

-One can undoubtedly see the Chandrakhani stretch and other conspicuous Himalayan ranges from here.

-Short term visit to Mung Thach in a timberland camp.


Day 03: Mung Thach to Nagaru

-Partake in a whirlwind cold breeze toward the beginning of the day.

-You will then begin the trek from Mung Thach to Nagaru – that will pass through the forest.

-This is a troublesome aspect of the trek, the slant falls steeply to the valley beneath and the snow might be elusive.

-Subsequent to crossing a steep slant for two or three hours, arrive at Nagaru campground.

-While pointing toward the north you will see brilliant mountains across the Parvati valley and the delightful town of Manikaran.

-Short-term camp stay at Nagaru.


Day 04: Nagaru to Biskeri Thatch Via Sar Pass

-Make an ambitious beginning, as the ascension is steep through the snow.

-Arrive at the top and partake in the staggering perspectives on Sar pass and the raised pinnacles of the Tosh valley.

-Remain just a tad to treasure your achievement and take a few astonishing pictures to freeze the second in time.

-From that point onward, you should slide down the Biskeri that is truly astonishing and totally innocuous as long as certain precautionary measures are taken.

-The slide accepts one to the extent that a kilometre to a gentler incline of the valley.

-Stroll for an hour crossing a couple of streams to arrive at the valley lastly to the camping area of Biskeri Thatch.

-Short term visit to Biskeri Thatch.


Day 05:Biskeri Thatch to Kasol by means of Barshaini

-Partake in the glorious perspective on the pine woods, the lofty mountains, and the rich prairies in Biskeri.

-From Biskeri, climb down across a lofty plot of land with fencing all over.

-Subsequent to crossing the thick timberland cross a stream, with a camping area across.

-The way to the town of Pulga goes to one side of the camping area as the twin towns of Pulga and Tulga are isolated by a stream.

-From Tulga, cross an extension on the stream Parvati, to arrive at the town of Barshaini.

-Jeep ride to Kasol headquarters and your Sar Pass trekking closes.



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