Toys of the Year, a household name for almost 50 years, announces a brand new competition: Children Design Toys as part of the Play Together project. With this competition, which starts on 18 April, children and schools can design their own toys. remote control car tool kits because the Dutch toy market does not exclude anyone; everyone can and may play and everyone can design toys! All submitted designs will be judged by the professional jury of the election. The winning toy can even be produced and recorded in stores! Who will be the creator of the new Monopoly, Rubik’s cube or Playmobil?

Toys invented at the kitchen table

Super popular games like Monopoly, even puzzles and Pokémon were all invented by someone at home, just like many other well-known toys. These games can now be found in millions of people’s homes worldwide. Ambassador of the design competition Maxim, now 9 years old, came up with the game MaXimaal last year. This game has won the Toy of the Year Election 2021 in Belgium and has already been sold more than 40,000 times. That is why Maxim knows better than anyone that you can also come up with successful games from your kitchen table. Which will then also be in the shops

Ambassadors Children design Toys

Teachers of the Year 2021, Angela Esajas of the Driemaster in Almere and Ismail Aghzanay team leader and English teacher at the Comenius Vocational Education College in Capelle, are also ambassadors of Children Design Toys, to stimulate play together and to show that everyone learns from rc car for kids and toddlers “It’s great to see how this project encourages children to be creative and make toys. Everyone can participate, and with the class that is completely beautiful”.


Schools can register via the website from today and can submit their design until Friday 24 June. This can be done with a real prototype and by means of a video presentation. And explanation of the design by the inventors and makers. Of course you can also get started with this at home, and come up with something to send in together. Or you can suggest working with a group of students yourself. remote control car tool kits .After all, teachers already have more than enough to do. However, participation is only possible through school.

Schools that participate in the design competition have a chance to win a visit from professionals from the toy industry.They are then taught from the official toy lesson program, developed by Kidsweek. The children can also vote during the upcoming Toy of the Year 2022 Election, this autumn.

From all entries, in which both the prototype and the presentation are judged, the best five will be chosen by the professional jury of the election. From this selection of entries, the final winner will be chosen by the six partners of the competition. Including LEGO, Asmodee, Identity Games, BOTI and The winner will be announced during the second Dutch Speegloed Gala in November . He will win several great prizes, including many toys. There is also a chance that the idea will actually be produced. Does your toy idea end up in the store? Shops in the Netherlands are working together to make this dream come true.

About the Toy of the Year Election

For almost 50 years, in 2024 the election celebrates its anniversary. Election Toy of the Year is a reliable quality mark for Good Toys. Good Toys mean safe and tested toys, original and not counterfeit, qualitative, optimally fun-providing and as durable as possible. This year the Samen Spelen plan was launched, which aims to bring toys to the attention throughout the year. The election is an important part of this, but we are also working activities such as a curriculum in schools, a play day and the national toy week. All current topics are discussed throughout the year, such as sustainability, safety, creativity and participation. Good Toys do not exclude anyone.


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