The desert safari to Qatar is a great way to explore this small country conveniently. Discover the culture of Qatar and enjoy its attractions with family and friends. Qatar is a small Gulf state like a pearl in the heart of the Middle East. It has some beautiful attraction sites which attract everyone


Top Desert Activities on a Qatar Safari 

Some of the best activities that be enjoyed on a Qatar safari as follows:

  • Paragliding over the desert

Nothing will beat the thrill of viewing the desert from the top, and paragliding is an activity that can offer you this type of fun. This is a lifetime experience as you fly over the desert and get a bird’s eye view of the desert as well as the ocean. 

Do not worry, as trained pilots offer paragliding, and if you are a beginner, you can enjoy this activity without worrying about your safety.  

  • Quad biking 

The Qatar desert can offer you a thing or two for people who enjoy bike riding. Quad biking is a very exciting activity you can try in the desert, and it can also be enjoyed on a desi safari Qatar overnight tour.

One of the reasons this activity is so popular is the undefined topography provided by the desert that is perfect for quad biking. The low and high dunes will challenge your bike riding skills in the desert. 

  • Camping 

Camping is a very common thing that travelers look for when they come to enjoy a desert safari. Today many tour operators offer luxury camps as a part of their travel package. 


  • Watching camel racing

Camel races in the deserts in Qatar are a top-rated attraction, and you can view the best camel racing on the Al Shahaniya race track. Many tour operators offer camel racing in their packages. 

  • Sandboarding 

Sandboarding is a popular activity in the deserts of Qatar; it involves the use of a board and that board skids in the sand. This activity helps to attract travelers from all over the world, and you do not have to be an expert to take part in this activity. 

  • Stargazing 

This might sound lame and boring to some, but it is a viral activity in Qatar. If you are camping in the Qatar desert, you can enjoy gazing at the stars, which is an important reason many travelers want to stay overnight in the deserts. 

  • Watch belly dancing 

Belly dancing is viral in the Arab world, and travelers in the Qatar desert experience it. People who stay overnight in the deserts can opt to watch this form of dance, and you should know that belly dancing is not available in the month of Ramadan.  

  • Overnight Desert Safari 

As a visitor, you will surely love the long boulevards and tall skyscrapers which Qatar has in-store. But if you genuinely wish to experience Qatar, an overnight desert safari is a must. You will get the chance to stay at a desert camp and try all the traditional activities like shisha smoking, and beach volleyball. You can also swim in the Arabian Sea and enjoy a buffet dinner. 

The highlights of this expedition are:

  • Dune Bashing and Dune Drive. 
  • Camel Riding. 
  • Arabian Tea and Coffee.
  • Watching the sunset. 
  • Play beach volleyball.
  • BBC Dinner.
  • Sand Boarding.
  1. Qatar Explorer

The soul of all nations lies within their monuments, nature, and village. When you go for the full-day tour, you can check out the local Fauna and Flora, the fishing harbor, and the mangroves with flamingos. Taking a trip outside the stunning city of Doha will allow you to check out a Fort, which has a watchtower and a coastline. 

Contact a Travel Agency in Qatar

If you are interested in a desi safari Qatar overnight tour. You might want to contact a travel agent in the area. You can associate with Qatar Desert Tour; they meet and help you in the Qatar airport and can offer you a different range of luxurious hotels to stay in. 

They can also provide you with morning or overnight safari tours. Shopping tours, and sunset tours and help you explore Qatar. They are a preferred travel agency for many people who visit Qatar.    



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