Choosing the right lipstick shade can completely transform your appearance, enhancing your uniqueness, boosting your confidence, and drawing admiring glances. In reality, it can be challenging to find a lipstick shade that complements a person’s distinct aesthetic and regular beauty routine. How about basing your makeup selection on your horoscope? In this article, author and astrologer Lisa Stardust will reveal which lipstick shade best captures the power of each sign.

Aries, you have a gift for attracting people, I must say. The cardinal fire sign of your zodiac, lips, denotes a natural tendency for leadership and strong company. Your straightforward manner of speaking seems to endear you to people and create opportunities for you to be successful in your line of work. A bold lip color, like a deep velvet red, is necessary to make a statement before you even speak.

Stardust thinks the fiery Aries will enjoy a splash of vibrant color and holiday flavor this year. Wearing bold red lipstick that exudes confidence and strength is a great way to embrace your feminine power.

As an earth sign, it’s safe to assume that you value simplicity in all facets of life. It is impossible to overstate the timeless appeal of simple forms and traditional details, whether in fashion or interior design. If you want to choose a lip color that truly reflects your personality, you might be surprised to learn that pink is not only your zodiac power color but also your best lipstick color. This color awakens your Taurean spirit, encouraging you to loosen up and have fun.

According to Stardust, Tauruses are renowned for their bullish charm and elegance and are the zodiac’s “lips of beauty and romance.” She should match her boyfriend’s and her girlfriend’s sweet courtship by donning a subtle yet classic blush pink lipstick.

You are not a hypocrite, Gemini, despite what anyone may say. You do, however, have a problem because you switch your mind so frequently. Being an air sign, you are quick to think on your feet and like to weigh your options, which can make picking a signature lipstick shade challenging. But imagine if your lip color changed in tandem with your emotions. What better color to wear than a sheer lip gloss in one of the hottest colors of the season given that Geminis are known for their talkative nature? The drama of bold lipstick can also be enhanced by sheer lip gloss. Star-themed language. The result will be that people will focus on Gemini’s words. If you seriously want something, you can get it.

Even though people look to you as the zodiac’s protector, your energy also has a seductive, menacing side. Because the Moon rules your sign, you naturally connect with your emotions and develop close relationships with others. Find a matte mocha lip color or one similar that complements your stylish and seductive persona.

Stardust asserts: “Matte lipstick in a deep shade of mocha is smooth, deep, and surprisingly seductive—just like you, Cancer. Cancer is renowned for having a soft interior and a hard exterior.”

Standard lipstick colors won’t do, Leo, as every opportunity to make a statement is to you. You are the sign of the Sun, whose energy is so strong and dominant that it is difficult for you to blend in with the rest of the crowd. A glittery lip color is also the best way to accentuate your lips and vivacious personality.

Leos are “known for their dramatic and passionate nature,” according to Stardust, so this vibrant and glittery lipstick will help Leos mark their territory wherever they prowl. You can pick a color that perfectly complements your outfit or expresses how you’re feeling at the time with these distinctive glitter glosses because they are available in a variety of hues.

Virgo, you have style and sophistication. You’re not the impulsive type; rather, you give your purchase decisions careful thought. Additionally, you tend to favor tradition over creating trends in terms of your sense of style. For instance, since you are meticulous and well-organized and don’t have any time to worry about your makeup during your busy day, a long-lasting peach lip stain would be perfect for you.

Since Virgo is all about boundaries, Stardust advises choosing a lipstick that won’t budge or fade throughout the day. Your “perfectionist heart” really wants the lipstick that lasts for hours. Its price is further justified by the timeless appeal of the soft peach color.

You are naturally attractive, Libra. You have a passion for fashion because you were born under the astrological sign of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. You don’t hesitate to try new things when it comes to your cosmetic routine. By donning regal gold lipstick, you can create the season’s vibe.” The motto of every Libra, according to Stardust, is “Champagne wishes and caviar dreams,” and this solid gold, the sparkling shade will make them feel like the goddess of good living that they are on the inside and out. Their mouths and beverages will both be bubbly.” Even though it can be challenging to wear, you exude the poise and confidence necessary to do so.

Given your water sign intuition and capacity to connect with people on a deep, emotional level, it should come as no surprise that Scorpios are considered to be among the sexiest zodiac sign lips. However, your mysterious demeanor and well-known smirk are what the public finds most fascinating. A deep berry red lip color can accentuate your Scorpio traits and your desire for passionate connections.

Scorpios like to make a statement, especially to the person they are kissing, according to Stardust. Anyone who sees someone’s sinfully delicious and attractive pout will pucker up to this shade of deep berry red.

You are the risk-taker of the zodiac, and you were born to lead the pack rather than follow it. You are very proud of your active lifestyle and the compliments you receive, but you’ve discovered that traditional lipsticks can’t keep up. You ought to pick a lip color that is both versatile and transportable. To keep your lips moisturized and radiant while you rule the world, try a tinted lip balm.

You’re always willing to try new things, so Stardust suggests stocking up on a variety of lip tints so you can pick and choose which ones you like best. Apply a light SPF-protective tint before heading outside for a day hike, and change to a darker shade before heading inside for cocktails.

They say you are the workaholic of the zodiac and don’t have time for cosmetics. However, nothing could be further from the truth. As a pioneering cardinal sign, you take pride in your appearance and don’t mind taking risks when it comes to your beauty regimen. You do want to make very sure that your investment will last over time, though. A matte taupe lipstick is an ideal addition to your cosmetics collection because it is both striking and approachable.

Capricorns should invest in long-lasting taupe lipstick because, in Stardust’s words, they are “always the practical one.” Thanks to these highly pigmented shades’ all-day wear, you will have all the time to focus on the things that are important to you, as noted by Stardust.

Is there a lipstick color as daring as you are? Being the ruler of the planet of disobedience, Uranus, you find success in life by acting in a way that is altogether different from the norm. Make sure to select a striking, bold lipstick color. Since black lipstick is classic, why not modernize it with colored lip liner or an ombre effect?

According to Stardust, Aquarians love to make fashion statements, and a shocking yet striking black lip is [perfect] for that. Your individuality will stand out thanks to this color.

If you were born with the sign of Pisces, people often describe you as romantic and dreamy. You’re never satisfied with the here and now and are always looking for people, places, and things that take you back to a special but long-gone moment. You tend to play it safe when it comes to your style because you are one of the more sensitive and moody water signs. Baby pink lipstick is the best choice if you want to convey longing and romance (reminiscent of the beauty icon herself, Barbie).

For navigating various environments, mental states, and emotional inclinations, Stardust claims that this ethereal pink, which she describes as “blotted and matte,” is essential. You achieved everything while exemplifying your divine beauty.

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