Since it was first released in the 1990s, PHP has been the most popular server-side programming language. Developers have been relying on PHP for decades to solve business problems quickly.

There have been many articles about the demise of PHP for a long time but it is far from reality. Statistics from different studies show that PHP is used by more than 75% of all websites still in 2021. Big brands like Facebook, zoom, and Wikipedia are still running on it. And the latest version of PHP was released on 21 October 2021 – definitely not the sign of a dying language.

The notion that PHP is a dying language is hyped by the rise of Python, Java, and other newer languages. Nonetheless, PHP has proven to stand the test of technology upgrades and still stands strong. PHP developers are also easily available all over the planet, which means no need to worry about finding developers to work on your PHP project.

To find good PHP developers requires an eye for detail and a certain checklist by your side. The first step is to see whether the developers are masters of basic PHP skills. Most of the time hiring offshore PHP developers is all about analyzing the candidates for an understanding of PHP and operations.

For small businesses, it is best to hire a developer with well-rounded PHP skills. This will save capital and keep your business updated with the latest tech.

Here are 5 key skills to look for while hiring PHP developers to segregate the best ones from the rest.

1. Know-how and expertise that goes beyond the basics

It is not an easy task to develop a web app. To get your project running, you will need a PHP developer. Without a PHP developer, it could be a difficult task.

You may have developers on your current programming team who are proficient in PHP or other web development languages. To solve the most difficult problems, however, you will need an expert who can create, deploy, and maintain your app.

You will need to make sure that the custom web design company you hire is proficient in PHP. You should also consider their other skills. It is better to hire someone who has bug fixing experience.

It can be difficult to hire developers. However, it is better to have someone who is well-versed in the language than someone who only knows the basics.

This is an important concept, but there are many other concepts. A developer must also be familiar with databases and the methods used to integrate PHP with the database management systems.

These additional skills can be an important deciding factor when reviewing a CV. However, we recommend that you consider their knowledge of object-oriented programming concepts (OOPS) before making a decision.

Hire a developer who is ready to learn. This will make them a competent developer who is the right person to work for your company.

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2. Willingness to expand and learn PHP

Developers will need to collaborate and learn new skills when deploying a new app.

To determine if a developer is a good fit for your company, you need to look beyond their current skills. It is important that they grow and stay with your company for the long term. Find out what their thoughts are on personal development and training opportunities.

Asking the right questions can help you discover if they are self-sufficient in learning new skills. When you’re looking for developers to join your team, this is a key trait. You should prioritize a developer who can work independently and learn from others.

If you are faced with a candidate lacking technical skills but who is self-starting and proactive, don’t rule them out.

They are able to solve pressing problems and learn the intricacies of projects so they can suggest unobvious optimization methods.

You can source developers who are more interested in learning new skills than their experience by prioritizing their ability to learn. This will help you find people that can have a greater impact on your business than those with a large portfolio.

These qualities are now being used by companies to measure the skill gaps and to put more emphasis on them in the hiring process.

A self-taught coder can learn quickly and solve problems faster than someone with 3 years of industry experience. However, they might need guidance in teamwork and standardization.

Don’t dismiss a developer who isn’t experienced in a busy development floor. A developer with a natural ability and transferable skill set can be more valuable than someone who has two pages of experience but can’t solve the most basic of problems.

3. A strong work ethic

It should not be difficult to identify the technical knowledge and theoretical knowledge of a candidate for a job. Before you hire them, make sure to understand how they will work in your development team.

You won’t be able to recognize work ethic from a CV. Therefore, we recommend that you ask for feedback and references from previous employers when you are looking to hire.

You will need a developer willing to work hard and keep your project moving in the right direction to make it a success. This is something you can only discover by calling the companies that have previously listed their CV.

A clear understanding of the type and capabilities of the developer you are bringing to your team will help you determine what they can do to improve the team, fill in the gaps or make your team more efficient.

These attributes are often what makes a candidate attractive to you. Take your time and get to know the person before you make your final decision.

4. Enjoy a variety of PHP apps

Developers should not be a one-trick pony. They need to have experience with a range of PHP frameworks and applications if they are to succeed in your business.

PHP is not as flexible as Java as a programming language so there won’t likely be many variations in the core elements. This means that you will need to be able to hire someone who is capable of handling all aspects of your application.

When recruiting, you must take into account versatility. You have a lot more flexibility when hiring a PHP developer. There are many people who will be able to help you with all your PHP tasks.

Larger companies may be able to find the right person for every role more quickly. Smaller businesses, however, may not have the luxury of this luxury. This means that you will need to quickly find a PHP developer who is flexible and a generalist before the best talent is gone.

To ensure your next developer is able to meet your business requirements, look at their PHP skills and technical knowledge to find someone who is able to handle any application you throw at them.

5. Easy to adapt to PHP changes

Product development is not complete without keeping up with the latest language and applications updates. If you want to introduce new tech, hire someone who can handle these changes.

Programming languages change constantly, so it is important to be able to adapt to new technical elements when you are looking to hire a PHP developer.

When you are hiring PHP developers or anyone else who uses PHP, the most important thing that the candidate must demonstrate is their ability to adapt to the technology underlining the job while maintaining the core principles of high-quality programming.

This will help you to find a developer who is open to learning, which will make them more appealing to hiring managers.

If you find a developer willing to do the extra work and add another string to their bow, your business may be a winner.

If you are looking to hire a PHP developer, contact our custom PHP development. Our team of PHP experts is proficient in building new web applications and websites with optimum performance.



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