Sublimation Printer Although the treatment is well-known worldwide, it’s possible that sublimation printing machine aren’t widely known in Dubai. Are you familiar with sublimation printing?

Below are some statistics about sublimation printing

You may want to have your logo printed on the items in this collection, given the popularity of custom-made item. This artwork can be print on many surface using sublimation technology, including advertising materials. Sublimation is a method that transfers images from one substrate to another.

Sublimation transfer paper and sublimation ink are required. You will also need a printer to print your designs. The sublimation paper also transfers the ink to the substrate. The ink sticks to the substrate and becomes part of it once it is printed.

This technique is different from other techniques in many ways. Inkjet transfer printing involves applying ink onto a substrate using a computer printer. Dye sublimation is not dependent on a liquid stage, unlike other printing technologies.

Gaseous ink sticks to the substrate and does not dissolve. This reduce the water that can be absorb. Once ink has been mixed with a substrate, it stiffen. This allow for more intricate designs. You can also look for Printer Repair Expert Dubai.

What is Sublimation?

Want to learn more? The first step in the process is to print the desired image onto sublimation transfer papers. To complete the process, heat the substrate and transfer paper to 375°F.

The ink and the transfer paper turn to gaseous fume when they are heat in this heat press. They pass through the substrate to reach the next stage. To release sublimation ink from the substrate, and to open any orifice in substrate during sublimation, heat is require.

Sublimation is when the substrate and transfer paper are remove from the heat press. The ink that is poured onto the substrate material become harden during printing. This prevent pore from being expose.

The ink will not be remove from the paper, last but not least.

If printing is done properly, it is impossible for image to fade. The technique will fail if the substrate is not fully fracture. There’s an alternative route. You can heat the ink to transfer the Sublimation Printer in Dubai to a substrate coated with polymer, creating a permanent link and then transforming it into another permanent bond.

Sublimation printing is a must

Make sure you are familiar with the sublimation printing process before visiting a company. Be familiar with the different materials. These material can be use with sublimation printing. This omnipresent fabric collection is worth a look!

Aluminum that has been coat with polyethylene and protect from an aluminum shield

This fabric is made from polyester.

A metal that has been coat with polyester

Ceramic tiles come in many sizes and shapes.


The most efficient sublimation printer on the market

There are many manufacturers that offer sublimation printers. There are many well-known brands in the sublimation printing industry, including Epson and Kodak. Choose a printer designed for sublimation printing. It will have a wide range of settings options.

Lithography is a method of printing where dye is use as the printing ingredient.

This technique uses a liquid solvent to dissolve the dye. It is similar in consistency to water. Sublimation ink can only be use for sublimation printing. It can produce images with vibrant colour and excellent quality. Also visit printer repair technician in dubai.

How does the method impact the environment?

Contrary to popular belief, dye sublimation printing does not cause harm to the environment. Heat transfer technology offers the benefit of producing. You will produce less waste and use less water.

The colors are also extremely safe. They are safe for the environment and human health. They are safe and economically viable. Sublimation uses very little color.

It’s not just about that. It is possible to clean and reuse clothing that has been print in full color with sublimation. This is known as rough printing. Simpler printing produces more distinct designs than complex printing.

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Then, you can use a sublimation transfer sheet as a foundation for any additional artwork. For example, to make gift wrap or stationery. A VideoJet printer would be available for purchase by Pakistani customers.

A sublimation substrate is now available that is both economical and sustainable. Recycled polyester is a cost-effective alternative to virgin polyester. It is also a safe and sustainable production technology.


Here are some of the benefits and disadvantages of sublimation printing printer repair Dubai. To get a better understanding. Print graphics are durable and can be reprint with no blemish. Surface is possible because there is no transfer medium.



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