Are you someone looking for an ideal high school in Bangalore for you or your child? Are you perplexed in the process? Does exploring a lot of options confuse you? What if we tell you, we have got you sorted with the best schools?

Believe it or not, CBSE schools in North Bangalore are best for your kids! Want to know why? Read this till the end.

Why consider CBSE schools in North Bangalore?

You must be aware of the different study curriculums like Cambridge, key stage curriculums, CBSE, and whatnot! Schools that deliver education in the CBSE curriculum are known as the CBSE curriculum. As these schools deliver education for students of all standards, we say the CBSE schools in North Bangalore to be the best for students of all needs, and requirements.

Here are some of the reasons why-

Curriculum that matches your kid’s needs

No matter what your kid wants, or what the needs, and requirements are according to your kid’s passion, the CBSE curriculum can help. It is also said that even for the students with specialized needs, CBSE schools in North Bangalore cater to their education needs.

It is designed on robust standards and caters to the needs of students of all ranges of intellect. Be it average students that gel up well in class, or an intellect that outshines the whole bunch of students, this curriculum takes into account every student’s unique needs. And, even for the students with poor concentration, and academic stability, CBSE helps them get strong on concepts. So, if you have any doubts if CBSE would be able to satisfy your child’s education needs, we suggest you keep these doubts at the shore and consider CBSE high schools in Bangalore!

Faculty that knows how to teach

CBSE schools in North Bangalore hire faculty specialized in teaching in the CBSE curriculum. This specialized faculty teaches students with different approaches. The faculty is trained to match a certain standard of education quality and deliver lessons with updated tech, and methods. Be it smart classrooms or unique education delivery methods, the CBSE curriculum incorporates all to empower students with an education that is updated, as well as valued!

So, If studied from the CBSE curriculum, students harbor the skill of understanding with the help of updated teaching methods and technology!

Fee structure 

CBSE curriculum is one of the most affordable curriculums. So, if you want to give your kid the best education that too without drilling a hole in your pocket, opt for CBSE schools in North Bangalore.

But, as there are numerous CBSE schools, the fee structure can vary for different schools, so, before making that final decision, comprehend the fee structure a particular school has. This would keep you in a safe zone. Also, map amenities, facilities, other textual material, and faculty support a school offers along with fee structure.

Co-curricular Activities

It is said that as the CBSE curriculum follows a holistic approach to study, it, along with textual knowledge, also teaches students on out-class activities like sports, crafts, music, and whatnot! This ensures overall development, and skill set in students.

The curriculum holds specialized faculty for training students on extracurricular skills like sports, art and craft, music, dance, and so forth. This helps them polish their extra skills as well that too without compromising academic performance. So, don’t think more, and get your child enrolled in CBSE schools in North Bangalore, and ensure complete development.


It is often said that CBSE schools provide students with the exposure they desire. Be it in academics, or out-class activities in terms of competitions, students of CBSE schools in North Bangalore get optimum exposure This helps them become better at academics as well as in extracurricular activities.

As of now, you must be clear about why CBSE schools are the best. But, this doesn’t make the process of shortlisting CBSE schools in North Bangalore easy. So, here are some of the recommendations.

  • GIIS; Global Indian International School
  • Jain Heritage School
  • Euro School
  • Sindhi High School

And many more. But, out of all these, one of the most recommended schools is GIIS. It is an international school with campuses in different countries. It delivers education on optimum standards and ensures students benefit from the CBSE curriculum the most.

Along with a holistic approach to studies, it also provides extracurricular support and counselor support to students. Further, it also has various awards and recognitions on its name to pronounce the class level of education GIIS delivers to students. It has well-equipped classes, playgrounds, and an ambiance where students love to learn new things. It is all these factors that make it one of the best high schools in Bangalore.


Want to get enrolled in GIIS? Visit its official website now!



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