Animal testing has been going on for a long time now. Animals are always used for experiments and testing of products.

The real-life applications for some tested subjects are as trivial as an improved laundry detergent, new eye shadow, or copycat drugs to replace a profitable pharma whose patent is expired.

Alternative tests achieve one or more of the “3R’s to make its processes animal friendly. Replacement of a procedure with a procedure that doesn’t use animals, reduce the number of animals used in a procedure, refine the procedure to minimize and eradicate animal pain.

However, all these developments are of no use when animals are still openly abused. Slaughtering them for meat is another thing and human sustenance is based upon it. Here, I’m particularly talking about cock fighting tournaments that feature rooster fights. These are bloody fights where the fighting animals suffer a lot and eventually, the loser dies because of pain.

One such competition that has been going on for ages with different names is WPC2027. WPC stands for World Pitmasters Cup where contestants enroll their roosters and make them forcefully fight against each other. Viewers of this competition can also bet money on the potential winner of the match.

In this article, we are going to talk in detail about the WPC2027 Live Login procedure and some statistics of this site.

The Rise Of WPC2027


These games are being held originally in the Philippines for a long time. People globally participate in such contests for wagering money or simply enjoying live matches.

The Philippine government openly laws these tournaments and it is supported mainly by PAGCOR. PAGCOR stands for Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, which is responsible for all cock fighting tournaments and other games. These tournaments are crucial for the government as a substantial amount of revenue is derived from this sector.

Before this, animal wagering has been a common practice and a famous mode of enjoyment throughout the world. Horse racing also came into origins later after. Many South Asian countries also take part in these cock fighting tournaments and some even host these competitions on a small scale.

WPC2027 is more famous because it also has the feature of live matches. Doesn’t matter where you live, if you can successfully register an account here, you will be able to watch the live tournaments from your home.

We will talk in detail about the login and registration process later on.

These tournaments are operated and owned by Lucky 8 Star Quest Inc. as mentioned in the website’s terms and conditions. The number of websites these tournaments have is insane. There is a new website launched every month or two months.

From our experience, we think that the purpose of hosting so many domains is to increase the reach and get more visitors. Also, many environmentalists and government organizations condemn such acts and ban these websites in some countries. Hosting multiple domains results in some of the websites being active in those countries as well.

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How Does WPC2027 Work?

If you are interested in such tournaments, there are 2 ways to participate in them. After you register yourself on WPC2027 com live, you can either enroll your trained rooster for the competition or bet money on the other contestants roosters anticipating who will win.

You can also watch live matches through the portal and put money online.

WPC2027 Website Information

The website has a moderately strong trust score of 60%. However, such a score is still considered pretty low for a game website. The reason for such a low trust score is that maybe the website is a scam. Furthermore, there is no about us page on the website that makes the owner’s information private.

The domain was hosted over 9 months and is based in the United States. The website’s speed is considered very fast and the reviews for this website have been searched 25 times.

To get more details about the WPC2027 website, go to Scam Advisor.

How To Register And Login On WPC2027?


If you already have an account, then you are required to log in to know about the upcoming events hosted. To log in, follow the below steps.

  1. Firstly, make sure that your device has a secure internet connection.
  2. Now open any web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Brave, etc.)
  3. Now type WPC2027 on any search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)
  4. You may also type the website name directly in the URL field displayed on the top of the web browser.
  5. Open the website, if the website doesn’t open, and a pop-up of forbidden access shows. Then it is recommended to use a VPN to get access to the website.
  6. Once the website opens, a dialog box will be displayed on the homepage that will ask for you to log in.
  7. Without logging in, you cannot use any features of the website. Log in with your username and password set by you.
  8. After providing your login credentials, click on the option of “sign in to your account”.
  9. You have been successfully logged in and can view the details of upcoming WPC events from the dashboard.

If you do not already have an account, you will need to register on the platform. Unfortunately, WPC2027 has removed the online registration feature due to numerous scam requests.

I messaged on the WhatsApp number provided by the website and was told to contact an agent which I already know. I told them that I don’t know any agent and wished he could send me the registration link himself.

I found out that there is no other way to register on WPC2027 except getting referred to by an agent who already works there.

Conclusion does not recommend you to take part in these competitions as they work against animal interest.

Feel free to express your views regarding this article in the comment section below.

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