Humans have evolved a great deal throughout history. Scientists are working to make wonderful inventions. Technology is on the brink of greatness. Together with all the factors, we have proved that humans are the most elite class in this world.

But, all these establishments in sciences have a great contribution from animals. Animals are still used as test subjects in research and experiments. Even after justifying animal testing, how we’ll be able to justify the innocent killing of animals through other means?

Animals, especially chickens and roosters are being used for fighting tournaments. These tournaments host competitions in which contestants bring their trained roosters and make them fight against each other for means of entertainment. The viewers can also enjoy this tournament by betting money on the rooster they think will win.

These tournaments are being held in the Philippines where they are being hosted on a large scale. Most people think that animals do not have feelings and cannot feel any pain. Yet, scientists have proved that animals do have feelings and feel pain like we do.

So imagine for a fact that you got enrolled for a fight against another person without your consent, and the only way to win is to kill the other person. The problem here is the human mindset that doesn’t care about the wellbeing of animals whatsoever. Humans are selfish beings motivated by money and can overthrow anyone in their path.

One such competition that is being held in the Philippines is famous as WPC2025. This competition allows cock fighting on a legal platform and people can take part in it without any government restriction.

In this article, we will inform you about WPC2025 Live and is it safe to use this website or not.

Exploring In-Depth About WPC2025


The concept of WPC2025 is based on gambling and animal wrestling. Many platforms exist that host these types of tournaments. The majority of these competitions are hosted in the Philippines.

Now let’s talk about how these tournaments operate. 

Firstly, the people who wish to take part in this tournament have to register on the portal. WPC2025 Live Dashboard allows them to register as users. The registration process is a series of questions and information regarding you. After filling in the details, you will be a part of the WPC2025 community and will be redirected to the WPC2025 Live Dashboard

The dashboard features all of the upcoming major events where users can participate and win exciting prizes. It’s upon you to know how you want to play in this tournament. You can both bring your rooster and enroll it in the competition, or you can bet money on the other player’s rooster and win money if the respective player wins.

Bringing Your Rooster

Let’s talk about the first option.

If you wish to compete in the tournament with your rooster, you need to make sure that your animal qualifies for the tournament.

Generally, the roosters who take part in this tournament are specially trained to fight and are given special feed to boost their physical strength and emotional mindfulness. These animals are very dangerous and can even harm animals if not handled adequately.

The management of the tournament has set certain criteria and guidelines regarding the eligibility of the rooster. If your animal passes, then you will be allowed to take part in the tournament and further details will be provided thereafter. 

The roosters are equipped with metal armor to protect them against fatal blows from the other side. But unfortunately, the match lasts only for 5-6 minutes, in which one of the animals dies mercilessly.

Betting On Players

If you don’t wish to bring your animal for fighting and just want to enjoy the tournament and make some money, then this option is for you.

After you register on the WPC2025 portal, you have the choice of watching the live tournaments and the details of upcoming events.

You can also wager money on any party you wish. Upon winning, you will be rewarded monetary rewards on your bet.

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Is WPC2025 Safe To Use? The Real Concerns

The website of the tournaments itself is not very well optimized and there are a lot of variants available of it. If you search for WPC on the web browser, you will be amazed to find how many websites exist that serve the same purpose.


The statistics for this website show that it caters to 326 daily visitors. The daily pages viewed by these visitors are 1991.

The net worth of WPC2025 is 35,150 dollars. Each visitor makes around 6.53 average page views on the website.

There are certain traffic estimates and Alexa is by far the most accurate. According to Alexa’s traffic estimate, WPC2025 is placed in the 41,680th position. This isn’t a very good place to be and tells that the website is just average and does not cater to many audiences.

The global rank achieved by WPC2025 is 338,232 currently and the average load time of the website is 0.64 seconds.

To check on more detailed statistics about the website, visit Web Rate.


Apart from the safety of the website, the website shouldn’t be used even because of its ethical terms. The tournament violates animals’ rights and any laws that have been made for the wellbeing of animals. They are treated like objects and are brutally dealt with.

The morality of any person shouldn’t allow this to happen. But sadly, most people think of this as entertainment and do not have any concerns regarding the animal.

As long as the Philippine government openly allows such tournaments, they cannot be stopped. People have to take a stand against such unethical practices and value the rights of animals.


At, we value the rights of animals and never endorse such evil practices to be used by viewers. This article is written for the sole purpose of spreading awareness against such inhumane practices. Comment down below your views regarding it.

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