Are you visiting the Emirates for the first time? Then there might be a lot of puzzles to solve beforehand. And the most significant one is choosing the outfits to tag along. Since Emiratis are a very disciplined nation, even the slightest fault appears to be extravagant. In this regard, Dubai seems to have a conservative outlook regarding apparel.  

Yet, the latter will surprise you. Among other nations of the UAE, Dubai is the most liberal one. So, you’re allowed to pack anything that you like as long as it’s not revealing enough to impair the sentiments of the locals.

Furthermore, the weather in the emirate remains warmer. Even apartments for rent in Dubai are air-conditioned; the heatwave is going to make you sweat the moment you step outside. So, this factor must be taken into account when packing for your Dubai visit.

Instead of stuffing your suitcase with extra tops, it is advisable to organize it properly. Read on to avoid the extra pennies that you might have to pay due to the heavy luggage bag. 

Casual Dress code for Women in Dubai:

It might sound maniac, but there are no restrictions for women wearing off-shoulder or short-sleeved dresses in Dubai. Yet, it’s good to blend in perfectly with the locals, so one must avoid revealing outfits, especially where it’ll make you stand out from the crowd. The basic idea here isn’t to constrain your personal preferences but to show a sense of brotherhood and unity. 

Below, we’ve listed how women can choose outfits according to the occasion. 

  • Seasonal Clothing for females:

There are many choices for seasonal outfits, but remember that Dubai stays blistering hot throughout the year. So, if you’re visiting in those months, don’t forget to flaunt your flowy maxi and kaftan dress with style. 

  • Beachwear for females:

Although it’s beautiful to wear a swimsuit or a bikini, don’t make this an excuse to stroll around the city. If you’re going to take the Metro, dress correctly, and switch to a swimsuit after reaching the destination. 

  • Traditional Eateries apparel for females:

Women need to slide into sandals when visiting a traditional restaurant. You’re free to follow your desires, from casual jumpsuits to sundresses and skirts. Just carry a light shrug along if you feel like covering up among the strangers.

Casual Dress code for Men in Dubai:

Emirati loves to spruce up, regardless if they’re wandering around a supermarket. For the most part, men pick loosened-up tees and denim shorts for a crazier look. Yet, you want to go to the semi-formal side, which appears to be more proper when traveling. For example, shorts are adequate if you’re heading to the oceanside. However, if you wear them while going to a mosque, your appearance will be exceptionally hostile.

Since the seasonal clothing of men doesn’t differ from casual ones, let’s directly head onto the other dressing codes for males in Dubai. 

  • Beachwear for males:

When in Dubai, you’ll realize that most Emiratis wear sports shorts and tech tanks on a beach. And before you go hopping over to every other mall for this purpose, make sure to dress decently without providing a single tidbit of gossip to the locals. 

  • Traditional Eatery apparel for males:

Smart-collared shirts with dress pants are a go-to outfit for a top-notch restaurant in Dubai. As most eateries don’t allow entering with sneakers and shorts on, you don’t have a choice but to dress formally. So, if you’re planning to ditch the formal attire on your vacation to Dubai, you certainly need to reconsider your thoughts. 

  • Desert Safari attire for males:

Desert Safari witnesses one of the most captivating sunsets in the world. And for that reason, getting on a good pair of boots and a hat would be feasible. If you’re an adventurous freak, put on light sneakers and a casual tee before riding a quad-bike, dune bashing, or sand skiing. 

Try covering your skin as much as possible if you’re conscious about getting tanned and unwanted blisters. 

Ending Thoughts:

Many visitors find themselves confused when draining the wardrobe because they’re unaware of how the locals dress. To your surprise, Emiratis love keeping up with the global trends with classic yet modest dressing. There’s no compulsion on men to wear a specific dress code or for women to wear the Abaya. However, the locals prefer wearing it out of love and respect for their religion and cultural beliefs. So, before heading out from your property in Dubai, make sure you’re wearing appropriate clothes.



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