Smartphones are a revolutionary invention. This device has evolved tremendously over the past few years. These big and chunky devices with small screens and touch buttons have evolved to be smart and sleek phones with huge screens. Smartphones are a need rather than a luxury because of their extensive usage. They are a mini-computer giving us access to the internet, emails, and e-banking. With such extensive usage, accidents are bound to happen. Mostly it is a broken screen or depleting battery, or a slip and a dip can also make you rush to the nearby phone repair store. As there is a huge amount of data stored, one cannot risk losing it and, in case of a malfunction, rushes towards a cell phone repair center to get an expert technician’s help.

The smartphone malfunction can be emotionally exhausting, but the good part is that it can be mostly restored. Taking your smartphone to the right cell phone repair center with expert technicians is the actual trick. The question is to identify which phone repair store is the right one? However, choosing the right technician for the job is not easy as entrusting someone with no prior knowledge can be daunting. As a result, I have compiled a checklist that you can go through in your mind if you need to visit a cell phone repair store in Murfreesboro.

Checklist for a Phone Repair Store

What is the Environment of the Phone Repair Store?

A technician’s workstation speaks a thousand words. While visiting the cell phone repair store, always look at the technician’s workstation. Is it well equipped with respect to the tools? What is the source of light? Is it sufficient enough? What is their skill set? Will he be able to diagnose and repair the device in the given environment? Some shops do not bother to have the basic necessities and tools designated for the job. Hence, they can cause more damage than repair. Scenarios like repairing in candlelight have caused more damage to the motherboard, resulting in data loss.

Does the cell phone repair store give a warranty?

Do they provide a guarantee and warranty of the service being provided? Do they satisfy their clients before sending them back home? A cell phone repair store that is market competitive will always guarantee a high success rate. They will try to improve their customer service. They will also give a warranty for repair. If something goes wrong with the smartphone in a particular period of time, they will take responsibility and repair it free of cost.

Do phone repair stores have the required spare parts?

Are the spare parts available at their outlet, or will they be outsourcing them? Such things have a huge impact on the service being provided. The phone repair store in Murfreesboro should have high-quality replacement parts and mobile accessories. With poor quality replacement parts, the mobile is bound to malfunction again. Even the best mobile technicians with a superb skill set will not help in such a scenario.

Moreover, it will be more time-consuming to outsource the spare parts first and then repair the device. Hence, to save time and customers, always keep the spare parts at optimum levels. 

What is the total cost of repair?

Have you done any market research regarding the cost of repair? Have you compared the cost of repairs? Doing market research and comparing the cost with the skill set before handing in the cell phone for repair is always necessary. The price charged at official repair centers will be high and can be heavy on the pocket as a result; one can look at other cell phone repair stores in Murfreesboro that procure genuine spare parts, have mobile technicians with a good skill set, provide warranty and are easy on the pocket.


The above-mentioned pointers will combine together to form a great checklist that will help you identify the best phone repair store.SD Cell plus is one such service provider that provides the best customer service, quality repairs, and products. Even if you have an iPhone or an android phone, they provide an excellent service and make you happy at the end of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most common phone repairs?

Ans: Few of the most common phone repair stores are:

Damaged screen: Phones being minuscule computers heaped with technology are a necessity, and the most common repair they require is for screens that can be damaged due to various reasons like a fall or dip.

Water damage: an accidental fall in the pool can be disastrous. Sometimes, if you are lucky, it gets fixed; otherwise, there are chances of having a dead phone.

Home button 

Damaged charging ports and many more.

Q: Are phone repairs profitable?

Ans: Yes, phone repairs are profitable. The success of the cell phone repair store depends on the number of clients and the business generated.


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