Building cleaning professionals offer many services for virtually all office environments. The cleaning may cover areas like stairways, floors, and glass partitions.

Professionals can apply different techniques depending on the location’s requirements. Here is an outline of the services you can expect from a building cleaning service.

Specialized Skill in Floor Maintenance

Managers of commercial premises will often hire a professional service to clean high-traffic spots. Occasionally, the team may focus on intensive cleanup of low-traffic areas. In all cases, professionals prepare precise cleaning solutions to remove stains on different types of floors.

A professional service must take precautions to avoid damaging vinyl flooring. Regular detergents may contain harsh chemicals that can dull the vinyl surface.

A cleaning service can also remove stubborn stains from wooden floors and stone tiles. Some disinfection processes require potentially toxic compounds. Cleaners must have protective clothing and appropriate equipment to handle such tasks.

Besides protective clothing, a building cleaning service needs efficient tools to eliminate dirt and grime. Professionals wipe the floor with a microfiber mop to avoid damaging the surface.

The building service may also utilize other industry-grade equipment. Powerful vacuum and steam cleaners are essential to complete the task faster.

Cleaning Windows and Glass Doors

The condition of the windows is critical for the image of the business. A professional service will utilize cutting-edge techniques to keep windows streak-free and spotless.

The client relies on the service to clean glass doors, glass partitions, and ceilings. The equipment and supplies must be efficient at the task to save time and resources. Therefore, it is essential to include a kit of ergonomic tools to ensure a faster process.

A microfiber cloth can capture more dirt and requires less detergent than a conventional wipe. The material is soft and lint-free but can still be effective even after hundreds of washes.

Conventional squeegees can be time-consuming and exhausting for staff. Acquiring commercial window cleaning supplies like the stingray cleaning kit can speed up the process by 25%. You can use it on windows of virtually any size. It “ensures 39% liquid consumption” compared to a conventional squeegee, according to statistics from Jon-Don.

Cleaning a Variety of Surfaces

A building cleaning service may also be responsible for keeping surfaces spotless and germ-free. The CDC recommends disinfecting high-traffic and poorly-ventilated areas daily. Food and clutter can impact the employee’s productivity and sense of well-being.

Desks and counters in office buildings tend to have a fragile finish. Professional cleaners will always use a microfiber cloth to avoid scratching and dulling the surface.

Polishing to Protect Metal Surfaces

Professional cleaners must not overlook other high touchpoints, including door handles and electrical switches. Some sanitization techniques can damage the lacquer of materials like brass.

After wiping the surface, the last stage is polishing to prevent tarnish and discoloration. Polishing creates a protective coat that maintains a professional shine on metal surfaces.

A professional service must observe protocols to avoid losses and ensure quality outcomes. Therefore, choosing the right commercial cleaning supplies is crucial to guarantee the best results.


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