For decades, we Indians have been following a similar pattern of first completing our education, finding a job and sticking to it till retirement. However, there is no problem with sticking to this lifestyle. However, it leaves little to no opportunity for exploring different lifestyles and jobs. Thus, making everyone’s life tiresome.

However, since the advent of COVID-19, people, in general, have started venturing into the domain of part-time jobs. This new pattern can be witnessed amongst both students and full-time job workers.

Our world has moved towards digitalization, and hence, it is seeking development. This has brought forth many opportunities for persons interested in making a few more bucks. The new development is a boon, especially for students who want to be independent and seek to pay their fees and manage other expenses without external assistance.

Top 7 part-time jobs for students

1. Woo others by starting Content Writing

Content writing is one of the most widely known part-time jobs options for students. If you wish to find top content writing jobs, it can be found on platforms such as Google, Fiverr, LinkedIn etc.

Content writing has now become an excellent part-time job option for students because of the availability of information on Google.

2. Create compelling copies with Copywriting

Copywriting is an ideal option for people who have a creative mindset. Copywriting is the need of every business, and hence, if you have relevant skills, then you can get better pay with this profile.

Copywriters provide writing services to multiple sectors such as print media, product catalogs, blogs, advertisements, etc. Before joining this profession, keep in mind that client copies should be clear and concise.

3. Tutor students Online

The education system has been brought to a standstill with the emergence of the pandemic. Hence, to adapt to the said changes, schools and colleges have started providing education online.

So, as a college student, if you are good at academics, you can start giving online classes to students. To do so, you can either search for online tutoring classes or online tutor jobs on platforms such as Google. Alternatively, you can also start teaching your college friends by charging minimum fees from them.

4. Become a Transcriptor

Transcription-related jobs are the correct choice for students who have good listening and typing skills. For this job, you are provided with audio files, and you have to listen to the audio files and write down the information or data in the software provided by the company.

The more correct data you input, the more you can earn with this job. One can find transcription-related jobs on multiple reputed portals such as Rev, Google, Transcribe Me, etc.

5. Enter data with a Data Entry Job

Technical skills are not required for a Data Entry related job. One only needs to update the company’s data on their website. Thus, making data easily accessible to their clients.

The only requirement for this job is to focus more on putting correct information and trying to deliver the exact message that the company wants to deliver. If you have good typing speed, then this is the right part-time job for you.

6.Create a Podcast

Digitalization has enhanced the value of people’s interpersonal skills. So, if you are a good speaker and can speak on different topics, or if you have a sound knowledge of lesser-known concepts, you can propagate your knowledge through podcasts. Running your podcast can help you market yourself and help you earn a good amount of money.

Multiple online platforms such as Spotify, Simplecast, PodBean, etc. You can create your podcast by either paying a minimal amount or, at times, even free of cost.


If you are a student looking to start earning money to cover your bills or assist your parents financially, these jobs may interest you.

However, always keep in mind that while searching for employment on Google, be wary of spam websites. For example, if a website claims to provide you with a part-time job in exchange for payment of registration fees or other expenses, do not consider such websites or calls. They are unquestionably spam.

Companies never ask students for money because they look for passionate, fresh, and imaginative minds, and they are willing to pay students.


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