In India, most cities and town transportation is done by auto rickshaw as it is one of the easy modes of regular city transportation. It is a passenger vehicle that plays a very important role on Indian roads where public transport finds it difficult to reach. Hence, auto rickshaws are extremely popular among the Indian population. They are cost-effective commutation modes to enable people to reach unreachable destinations quickly. It has become one of the most reliable urban modes of transport. Auto rickshaw price is also affordable and budget-friendly for drivers as well as passengers. 

Auto rickshaw drivers have also made taxi drivers run for the money. It has created app-based taxi services to connect with these auto-rickshaws to get them on board. Renowned as the most economical and local mode of transport, autos play an important role in India’s transport network. 

So, in this blog, we bring some important information about auto rickshaws. Here, we will discuss safety, advantages and some vital things you can put in your auto rickshaw. After reading this, you may get an idea about auto rickshaws and their importance. Also, you may know the reason for their high popularity. So, let’s start the blog!

Advantages of Auto Rickshaws 

There are many advantages inherent to auto rickshaws that increase their use and popularity among people. Below, we show some major advantages of auto rickshaws to understand them well. Have a look at them:- 

  1. Most Preferred Way Of Public Transport – E rickshaw has become the most preferred method of people commutation because of its point to point connectivity and convenience. 
  2. Parking Space – As we know, auto rickshaws have a small size, requiring one-third of the parking space and can easily carry more people. Compared to cars, they need a minimum of two parking spaces and carry fewer people.
  3. Cost – In terms of cost, many reasons make it perfect. 
  • In their production, they use one-third of the natural resources. 
  • It is a low-cost mode of transport ideal for the low and middle-class Indian population. 
  • Since they are less vulnerable to major accidents, they cause less damage to sidewalks than heavy vehicles and cars. Thus, reducing the highway maintenance cost.
  1. Environmental Advantages – With correct maintenance and care, auto rickshaws generate fewer emissions than cars because of their smaller engines. Now, with the transformation of autos into CNG fuel options, emissions from this sector have largely been successfully addressed.
  2. Security – The security system of autos are quite strong as they are smaller and travel at a slower speed. So, we can say that auto rickshaws are the safest transportation model than cars or buses. 

Important Safety Measures Which Drivers Must Follow  

There are many safety measurements available that an auto driver must follow as they ensure the safety of drivers as well as passengers. Below are shown some safety measures that auto rickshaw drivers must follow:- 

  • Follow traffic rules
  • Stick to speed limitations
  • Opt for regular maintenance
  • Avoid distractions
  • Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles on the road
  • Do not overtake from the wrong side
  • Do not consume alcohol while driving an auto-rickshaw
  • Check blind spots
  • Avoid changing lanes too often

By obeying these safety measures, drivers themselves and their passengers increase their performance and profits to a large extent. 

Important Things Which Driver Have To Put In Their Auto Rickshaws 

While driving an auto rickshaw, the driver/owners have to carry all the important documents like licence, permit, meter certificate, insurance certificate, registration certificate, fitness certificate, pollution control certificate etc. These documents will help auto rickshaw drivers and owners to avoid penalties due to the non-availability of papers.

In addition, they must carry a limited number of passengers and ensure their safety by driving at a specified speed. Auto rickshaw drivers should keep an eye on the level of CNG to prevent passengers from standing in the middle of the road.

Check out detailed about these documents:- 

  1. Licence – To run an auto rickshaw as a transport vehicle, a special auto rickshaw driving licence is required, which is commonly known as an auto rickshaw DL badge. 
  2. Permit – A Contract Carriage Permit is required to commercially drive an auto rickshaw for business, according to the Central Motor Vehicles Act 1988. It is valid for 5 years. 
  3. Registration Certificate (RC) – It is commonly known as RC Booklet, obtained from the RTO after an auto rickshaw purchase. 
  4. Fitness Certificate (FC) – All transport vehicles in the state must have a valid fitness certificate to ply on the road. They are issued by motor vehicle inspectors at RTOs initially for two years and have to be renewed annually thereafter.
  5. Meter Certificate (MC) – The meter certificate is given by the Department of Weights and Measures (Legal Metrology) and has to be renewed annually. 

For more such informative and useful blogs, stay tuned with us. 


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